Astral Plane Manifestation Exercise, The Power of Consciousness

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This Astral Plane Manifestation Exercise is great fun and also a great experience to open your eyes to what you will already be able to do. This exercise will be extremely helpful when moving into the next step of the course.

The Power of Consciousness. From Meditation to Magick / Magic and beyond – Class 20.

This Empowering Yourself is the beginning of both Meditation and Magick / Magic School or Spirituality School or Consciousness School.

We start at the very beginning.

Many Awake people, empaths, witches, wizards, magicians… they all miss the basics and so plateau early in there paths.

In this course we will venture to what is going to be a very in depth down the rabbit hole course so that we may discover great things together and attain great powers of consciousness, spirituality and magick.

This will make the law of attraction look like child’s play.

Occult Magick / Magic or Hidden Magick / Magic has been put in the dark for too long with way to many lies told about it so you may fear it and hence not use it to your advantage and “their” disadvantage.

You may be very surprised by this course as it will most likely not be what you expect it to be. Especially at the beginning.

By doing this course your powers of intuition, and other psychic abilities will grow so will your synchronicities.

If you are an empath, this course will take you to new heights with your powers.

Come on this journey with me …come find your true self, your true nature and your true power!

Learn about Astral Plane Manifestation Exercise by watching the video below!

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