Deepak & Darrah On Death

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Darrah asks Deepak to share his thoughts about death, a concept that many of us fear. Tune in to hear Deepak’s interesting perspective on death in the human experience.

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  1. Comfortably numb.

    I thought he died. First grumpy cat….

  2. Nina


    1. Todd Sloan

      It’s OK, now every day is a good one, yes…?

  3. Gina Librizzi

    I love this perspective; it resonates with me as truth. I’m grieving the very recent and unexpected loss of a close loved one, so this information can help me immediately. Thank you, Deepak and Darrah!

  4. Osiris Shafer

    Darrah THANK YOU again for a very NECESSARY explanation of death to avoid so much and understand death for what it is a CONTINUATION..

  5. Osiris Shafer


  6. Sm Mn

    “ The fear of death is the basis of all religions “ yes indeed

  7. Sm Mn

    “Cancer is the lost of memory of death”


  8. Doubting Thomas

    My brother died of cancer, March 10th., 2019. I visited his deathbed the day before, and who was there was my earliest childhood friend, Jonathan. Back in 1984, he worked for Prince, when he had his ‘Purple Rain’ album and movie. He was there when this song was originally recorded: “I Would Die For You.” And he showed up at my brother’s deathbed. He, Jonathan, was standing next to me as I read to my brother from the KJV: 1 John. And then I sang parts of three songs; two of which were by Jimi Hendrix, which he recorded shortly before he died. My brother was at the recording session for both of these songs: ‘Drifting’ and ‘Angel’. My brother had been the guitarist for a drummer named Buddy Miles back in the early 70s, and they toured with Jimi Hendrix and performed at his funeral. Buddy had also worked extensively with Otis Redding. When my brother was in Buddy’s band, they did shows with Jimi, but also Jim Morrison and The Doors, and Janis Joplin, among others. The last thing I said to my brother alive was this: “Brother, if you believe in forever, and life is just a one-night stand. If there’s a rock n roll heaven, you know they’ve got a hell of a band.” The opening line from The Righteous Brothers’ “Rock N Roll Heaven”.

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