Does Reality Shift As Our Consciousness Evolves? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Reality (as we perceive it) is different in different states of consciousness.

Our ground state is the field of infinite possibilities. In this state, a possible field, also known as the Al-Kashi field or the zero-point energy field, appears as different perceptual realities depending on the species-specific nervous system of the observer. Even in the individual species perception is influenced by not only biology but also by conditioning. Cultural, religious, social all altered the way we perceive the world. As we move more and more in the direction of the ground state than we have more freedom in creating our perception of reality because we are beginning to recognize that moment by moment choices, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, influence neural networks. In the great wisdom tradition of Vedanta, the great teacher Yoga Vasistha says “ infinite worlds come and go in the vast expense of consciousness. There are like mutts of dust dancing in the beam of light.” As we evolve towards the ground state and find more freedom, we recognize that there are stages of growth, called soul consciousness, cosmic consciousness, refined cosmic consciousness, unity consciousness. In each of these states, the world is different. Perception is different, relationships, social interactions, and ultimately even the universe is also different. William Blake said when the doors of perception are cleansed; the world will appear to as it really is. Infinite. This is what spiritual evolution is all about. Shifting our biology and our nervous system, so our doors of perception are refined and we can experience ourselves as infinite beings.

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  1. Hanna RAOUL

    absolutely, thank you 🙂

  2. C. M.

    Where can I read more about the stages of growth/consciousness that were mentioned?

  3. Alison Chavarria

    I haven’t heard it put this way, but I think in the practice of Steps to Knowledge, which boils down to daily practices of meditation that creates greater awareness, does create a “reality shift” in perception. Like becoming open to a greater love, greater context, greater definitions for words that once held a smaller meaning.

    1. BeverlyC

      Thank you, Alison – The Steps mean so much to me..

  4. you, but stronger

    Think I slipped into a dimension where it always rains and people seem less woke than they were before.

  5. Shiva Negi

    Who am I ? = I AM A SOUL. Spirit of God.
    It is a simple concept but people make it complicated.

    The inner nature of the soul is of peace, love, truth, bliss and purity, abundance .

    When we choose the path of truth, selfless, compassion, integrity, self-realization begins and we come to know our true nature and we experience God within us.
    After that life starts changing forever.

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