Emotional Well Being and Physical Healing

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Emotional Well Being and Physical Healing.

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  1. Veralice Cappatto

    Mestre … eu acompanho o senhor desde meus 15 anos. Te amo! Te admiro! O senhor é meu exemplo…

  2. Cresencio Hernandez

    You just described my experience as being perceived law human law has labeled me

  3. roy york

    The Trick is to Fall in Love with the silent spaces in between each ( Worded thought ). Because when we fall in Love with something, That is what Holds our Attention. Very quickly the silent spaces grow longer , and the negative thoughts in turn get fewer. Keep your attention on the silent Gaps , and you will fall in love with it. 90% of all suffering is thought based. peace 🎼🎧🎼👌

  4. Diana Ramos

    I feel “STUCK!!!”

  5. Thomas Q

    Great explanation!🙏

  6. train Music

    it’s very healing for me to listen to your videos, much gratitude to you

  7. Honestmicky

    Thank you Deepak for this excellent video. You have and are helping me tremendously in my spiritual path and growth. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time, effort, and expense to create your wonderful daily videos. Have a very nice and peaceful day my friend : )

  8. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´feeling = thought linked to a sensation in the body + entangled with language/words + perception + story´´ ´´stress = perception´´ ´´pure love + compassion + unity consciousness + affection + passion + joy + peace + sexual + pure awareness + no fear + no fear of death + self regualtion ´´ ´´intention´´

  9. Maria Bentele

    Thank you <3

  10. Bettina Navarro

    Thank you so much for your constant teachings, master Deepak, I admire you!!!

  11. Phoenix Star

    Dec 2019. Namaste Deepak. As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year 2020 I’m thankful and grateful to be here listening to your words of wisdom. “so let us make this an intention as we move into the new year – let us all be holy and let us all be healed in love being in love” Thank you! PEACE&LOVE

  12. Leighvonne Lim

    Thank you Deepak for such an in-depth explanation.
    So profound.
    *Healing is the return of Wholeness*
    *Being in Love*
    I enjoy tuning in into your videos. I will never get tired of listening to your sharing.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!😍
    28thDec 2019

  13. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank u.

  14. Monika Czerwinska

    Also recommend dr Robert Morse ( YouTube channel) he speaks about this subject, spirituality and physical health 🙏💜

  15. Samia Maayoufi

    For the perception being, what I see when I listen to you is non duality, love and transmission and… synchronicity

  16. Joe Average

    Love listening to this guy ..the first time i listened to him was on tape. with ‘Creating Affluence‘

  17. Don Martin

    Deepak thank you for being you and all that you do,by sharing your insights and light with the universe,it is very interesting,and understandable,

  18. Don Martin

    In the spiritual realm there is no suggestion of age no fear,no pain,no limitations,and no lack of and unconditional love is for infinity..

  19. Beatriz Monteiro

    Namasté. Thank you for your love and compassion towards us. Your healing words are phenomenal as they help me heal and move through my days with a much more elevated spirit. May you be always healthy. Happy New Year, dear Dr. Deepak Chopra. Thank you.

  20. Blessed One

    I love u Chopra!!! ❣️🌹❣️

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