Find yourself in the gap!

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From Human to #Metahuman: Find yourself in the gap!

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  1. Evon Soulos

    Thankyou Deepak. Luv u ÔŁĄ­čĄŚ­čą░

  2. Patricia Bartosik

    Yes, the gap is the only place to be.

  3. About Creativity

    Very good, ┬┤┬┤infinite possibilities┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤infinite creativity┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤source of intention┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤experience synchronicity┬┤┬┤ I am in the gap. (bold)

  4. Anirban K

    I hv found this to be true, the gap is where all the potential comes frm


    I am in the gap now!!

  6. Awakened Sun

    Thank you brother ­čî×
    I will see you in the gap.
    Good day to you

  7. Shaghayegh Pejhanfar

    Oh thank you today i was thinking of the Gap i find this video

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