Healing Meditation : Attention Intention Transformation

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Healing Meditation: Attention Intention Transformation

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  1. Elizabeth Torres

    Thank you as I felt a calming effect from the meditation.

  2. Ewelina Biranowska

    Thank you Deepak Chopra for helping all of us. I watch you everyday.
    I am ready to #unite ! We will get thorough this together. Strong connected hearts!

    1. Tania Maria dos Santos

      “Connected hearts, that’s it!”💕💕💕💕💕

  3. Valeria Borgonovi

    Thank you so much for all this loving dedicated support💙💥💥💥

  4. Randi

    Thank you. This means a lot.

  5. Linda Taylor

    Thank you Deepak!!! For your loving support ,wisdom and guidance during this time it is so appreciated! Infinite blessings to you and everyone!🦋🕊🌈🙏🏼💖

  6. Mobi Meta

    Thank you, Deepak Chopra. You once helped me and my roommate to manifest a free toaster after the old toaster died. Minutes after letting the dead toaster “go to the universe” a new one was placed in the community giveaway area by a young guy in a corvette. So cool, like magic. Glad now to have your guidance and spirit offering comforting thoughts today.

    1. Tania Maria dos Santos

      Beautiful 💕

  7. veronikabellova


  8. Kim Taylor

    Please increase the volume level. Thank you!

    1. Ursula Müller

      I wish the same. Thank you so much

  9. Tania Maria dos Santos

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and powerful. Thank you, thank you and thank you for giving us such valuable gifts every day. Love for now and for ever.🙏💕💕💕💕💕Namaste.

  10. Jody Smith

    Thank you Deepak your words help to direct me from the fear and negativity surrounding us. God bless you my friend.

  11. train Music

    Beautiful I experienced warm chills throughout my body ! We are all so lucky to have come upon you, indeed, immensely grateful !

  12. Melissa O

    Beautiful, the sun came out while I was doing this meditation 🙏

  13. Blue Jay

    Thank you so much dear dear Deepak, your dedication is so healing in these troubled times of isolation and worry for our loved ones…Your presence is calming, soothing, healing. Much Love from Italy. Blessings and Light to all worldwide. Namasté

  14. Zebra Zagadore

    Thank you for these daily reminders at a time when we need to focus on healing and staying well.

  15. Claudia Lambermont

    Thank you, Deepak. I listen to your words and meditations every day. Bless you 🙏

  16. Annette Breton

    I know a lot of people practicing what you just said, and sharing it on the internet.
    Don’t get the vaccine.
    I’m sure there’s something else in it. ( this time) if they push it then there’s something amiss.

  17. Bella Leuen

    Tonight here in Zurich lakeside I was outside in my garden with my son Venus was shining bright the sky opened magic please believe everybody can heal this world we have such power. Bless you all🙏❤️


    what a beautiful poetic insight into the nature of the human experience and the meditative life. in my life such visions of wholeness have been few and far between. … in terms of dealing with pain, i have managed to know a few experiences that might shed some additional light. i will try to state the perspective as simply as possible….. if the body is healthy and well, a state of dynamic equilibrium/homeostasis with the environment, no pain, is experienced. if there is a “fault” or “insult” which disturbs this state, there is the loss of equilibrium and the experience of inflammation and/or pain. for the sake of simplicity, this is a life style condition, basic aches and pains, the basic premise comes from the Chinese tradition of “PUSH/PULL. this suggest that all forces acting in the physical world are either pushing or pulling upon one another. the plant seed is being pulled from the ground by the warmth of the sun, also pushing up from its earthy abode. every movement you make is either a push or a pull or some combination. (perhaps, you and your lover). if we know, thru compassion, and other “views”/perspectives of self awareness, the inner dimensions of the “subtle body”, we know higher space or what we might call, a “3 dimensional” realm of a higher order (the kingdom of heaven). pain is two dimensional, a weaker force in the experience of “higher mind”, which attempts to corrupt or thwart the pathways of the chakras which support the existence of human life/experience. with the “light body” , “subtle body” or higher mind, the forces of pain root themselves around “junctures” of the body, ( toes to foot, foot to ankle, knees, hips, lower back, abdomen as chakra location, chest to arms, to neck, to head, etc.) to deal with this imposition, insult, or fault, you can practice feeling the body as “one piece”, the body as column, the unbroken thread of the TAO. (posturing is what is key). the “pain” has leveraged the posturing of your “inner child” if you will, so now you must take action to re-establish the connection(s) leveraging the junctures to the appropriate relationships for “higher mind” and the inherent energies to be fully functional. to do so, i find it is helpful, to explore, through simple movements of the limbs or elements, so as to allow the insult or interruption to be transcended, and a more appropriate relationship to be brought about. TAI CHI, AND YOGA are also relevant. but, this is not an exercise for the physical body. this is to allow self awareness to act through you, (self regulating to our environment) such that the body can function with its intended capacity (and stay connected with what is at work with “higher mind”). at the same time, watching the breath, and explore where you are breathing from. know that breathing out, COMPLETELY, is as important as allowing the air in. breathing by pulling air from the sinus area, only jambs up the cranial area, and does not acknowledge the relationship between the inlet for air and the lungs or diaphragm. explore how you can inhale from these areas. (this is a most fundamental relationship with the terrestrial world) … once you can be aware of how connections/relationships occur, be careful to not assume this condition. always look for the authenticity or genuineness of the condition. be aware of the natural set of relationships the body suggest. there is a front and back, and up and down, a nimble and ridged (yin/yang) to posturing ( if you practice dance then you experience this through movement). i practice this standing, sitting or lying down. to know yourself as an aspect of organic life, as a RESONANCE (a tonality), in the vibratory field of organic, and inorganic phenomena, aids in allowing the intent to be directed to the “awareness level” of experience these forces operate in. the “octave” is also a consideration. (example: your emotional experience, at rest,, before sleeping, then, to the flight or fight intensity of awareness as in listening to the approach of howling wolves) your emotional impressionistic experience exist at the level of “push/pull”. the dynamic “neutral” or emotional equilibrium of this push/pull allows the octave to be experienced, which is where “higher mind” is “seated”. ( this i see as an aspect of straightness)… in the practice, explore every juncture by clinching and relaxing (tension/reduction) them and watching how or where you breath from. how are junctures acting. do you experience yourself as “one piece”. (it is also helpful to know the feet to the hips as “the platform” and the hips to the head as “the carriage”) you may find the “root” of the pain is not in the area you feel the pain, over time you can develop a sensitivity which allows you to deal more effectively with inflammation/insults . i believe this gets the basic view across. it is all out there in various text, videos. the trick is to find it, and know the experience and its relevance. i am convinced the mystical traditions of the past are the real sciences of the human experience (not psychology as it has come about). what is eternal, is and always will be, man has not changed that much in a few thousand years, but his surroundings have. we are struggling to find the fundamentals and be engaged. historical continuity is inherent in the human experience, we just have lost touch with the wholeness of being and what that means to us. i hope i have said enough to get the view/practice across. a good deal of this content comes from p.d. ouspensky”s book, THE FOURTH WAY.

  19. Christi Wells Belliston

    This was lovely except for the five times it was interrupted with ads. Isn’t one at the beginning enough??

  20. nieves planas

    Deepak please read this message I wrote to the Dalai Lama:
    Dear His Holiness

    With all my love and respect

    This happening in the planet is like the third global world

    If not posible join the great meditators fisically, why not a global internet meditation with you, Mattieu Ricard, Echkart  Tolle, Deepak Chopra, other buddist, etc?

    We need million of people meditating together.

    Long life to you, His Holiness,

    Nieves Planas

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