How Can We Live With Least Effort? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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The law of least effort is based on the idea that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless spontaneity. Even Jesus mentions this in the New Testament. What is really the law?

It means harnessing the forces of the universe and becoming aligned with them. There are three components to this. The first law is acceptance of yourself and everybody else. This removes the great burden of judgment. The second is responsibility – the ability to respond creatively without reactivity. you reach a higher plane of creativity and imagination if you are not reactive. The third law is defenselessness. This strips away the need to defend your point of view. When you give up being right, you ultimately get what you want.

Living a life without resistance and going with the flow of the forces of the Universe requires the least effort when you live your life.

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  1. Rose

    My favourite law of the 7 spiritual laws of success. I need to practise accepting other people as they are and not caring too much about being right.

  2. Total T

    “Give up being right.” ✌❤

  3. Glenn Kirste

    How do you protect..etc.. yourself against highly toxic CHEMTRAILS ?.. thanks.

  4. Beatriz Monteiro

    Love it. Came in perfect timing! Thank you.

  5. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  6. Golden Lady

    Thank you💚

  7. Aastha Awasthi

    It’s like Being like Noble gases! Least reactive,Don’t judge ,doesn’t get affected by any other and go with the flow✌️

  8. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Thank you for this. I have been working on letting go of the attachment to being right. It makes life far more effective.

  9. B H

    There’s a law about least effort? Sign me up! Do water streams follow this law? I just subscribed Dr Chopra..

  10. 「D͜͡R͜͡O͜͡P͜͡S͜͡ O͜͡F͜͡ J͜͡U͜͡P͜͡I͜͡T͜͡E͜͡R͜͡」

    I started practicing all that by accident, and everything work for me effortlessly. You are absolutely right!! As always. Thank you Deepak.

  11. Jacquelyn Kleine

    I spot a Tanpura! <3

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