How not to think about your Self

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  1. kimberly

    β€πŸ’Žβ€ stay strong and stay safe! Much love!

  2. Mary Jane Anderson

    Im part of the we..the us

  3. doug archer

    Your journey that allows you to …connect the dots…is amazing😊 Play safe…enjoy your day Deepak!

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    Respected sir, Thank you.

  6. Virtual Insanity

    So how am I supposed to deal with politics (and the 7th house in general)? πŸ˜‘ Shall I just go get myself a nice nyc apartment and not care? πŸ˜’πŸ™


  7. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak ❀️
    Even though you don’t actually travel anywhere, happy and safe travels of the mind/body. πŸ™

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    Hi I hope you enjoy yourself…you do so much thank you kind soul

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    Hi angel πŸ˜‡

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    Heard you on CNN last night. too brief

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    Thank very much you help much

  12. Keithy Brinson

    i always think of β€œthe projectionist” behind the theatre 🎭 as the witness to her/his own emotions or β€œpeople” reacting in the theatre… to feel unity with their senses people have to forget they are in a theatre like a clockwork trump 🍊…

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    Fascinating. How does a person get to the point of being the projectionist as Keithy mentions. I think this topic is perhaps the most integral to my life. Mindfulness meditation saved my life. I am working on deepening this mindfulness although as you just spoke to the topic of “self” and “awareness” this is the incorrect name for this. I suppose I don’t know what to call it other than “being.” This is the human construct in western terms of our sense of being. Pain comes from this sense of being. I would like to transcend this notion. If I can become a better “master of my fate,” then I can become the “master of my seas.” “Seas” in this situation would be human awareness but specifically right now that of emotion. Mastering emotion and becoming a master of visualizing my future “knowing” would make me wiser in choices. It would also help me stop crying right now as I have experience a crushing blow. It’s like my solar plexus hurts Dr. Chopra. I have no better way to explain that.


    THE HEART RULES THE HEAD. i have heard and read other practitioners make that statement…. if all is the field of “consciousness” or a “force ” , in motion,… the ripples, patterns, becoming manifested as the multiplicity of events, as separate. … each manifestation is brought into being in this context (develops various sensory receptors). we (*all”) are sensing before we are using thought to assist with any clarity… being instinctual is more fundamental to experience than “thought”…. you feel before you rationalize. it seems popular, in the world of today to downplay or disregard the importance of feelings. it seems the argument, “acting or re-acting purely emotionally can only bring you ruin”, is winning, (perhaps understandably given our being “seeminly” disconnected from this all pervasive consciousness.) and also, if “desire” is the for runner of imbalance, being excessive, and in effect, lusting, we do not “want to go there” (burn in “hell”or the lake of fire), either. …. we are reluctant to use the term “morality”, for fear of being a victim of some ones idea ( perhaps totally abstract and baseless ) of what the limits to the human experience should be. morality, is typically thought of as a regimen, NOT an “organic” experience, allowing us to be whole and healthy, “injuring” no one or our selves while engaging in the varying experiences of being human. so to re-cap, we are a life form with feelings (sensory faculties), and it is suggested we not put “too much weight in them. of course, what is being pointed to is what lies or transcends the physical world but , if you are not sure about how this experience is obtained or achieved you want to know how to bring yourself to it. in this respect, you don’t want to delimit your experience, or leave any aspect of your sensory faculties out, you want to have every thing possible at your disposal. if you are not capable of bringing your ” heart” (not rationale) into the experience, the sum total of you as a “goal seeking”, “dynamic equilibrium” functioning living being, wanting to maintain a “steady state” of existence, you are denying your own being-ness in the process of transformation. although not well referenced or appreciated are the teachings in the NEW TESTAMENT, which speaks of emotional references in “seeking” or “realizing ” the KINGDOM OF GOD, (the be attitudes for one). … if you know the experience of genuine love, then you know, how valuable/powerful the experience of love can be. to taint or stain, demean, diminishes the experience of loving. why would one want to diminish the very experience that gives so much of the enjoyment of living. if you know the experience of your love for your parents, or extended family, then you know your instinctive, intuitive self/heart. you know when you have broken your bond (separated yourself from the relationship that is so genuine and beautiful) with them, through lying, or deceiving. etc. you feel much better when you are able to be “pure at heart”. if you bring this to your experience while connecting with the NATURAL WORLD or that which is pervasive through it, you are able to bring what is truly genuinely you to the experience. but, as consciousness can be misguided or thwarted , a diligence is required to stay the course. this i understand, is termed “watching oneself”, ( being aware of ones own presence and the experience /type of awarness that is at hand) . … so being sensory experiences in the “cosmic field”, there is probably much wisdom in the statement, “the heart rules the head”. the axiom might be older than the development of logic. to know what it means to be fully human, after all, is not to know the logic or sequence of the EXPERIENCE. seeing the occurrence of LIFE as one of the mysteries of the universe, gives us the experience of “being with the infinite” (faith” by any other name), the beginning of a great love affair with life and what lies “within”. i hope the thoughts written here were cohesive enough to allow you to “get a feel” for how you might want to “act” or be engaged as one comes to KNOW THY SELF.

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    12:18 reading notes on palm of hand (just kidding) always great information. Thanks


    Excellent clarity in explaining .
    We are really blessed 😊 πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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