How to Shift To a Higher Dimension & Manifest Faster!

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5D reality and ascension is a shift in consciousness from the lower dimensional 3D reality into a higher dimensional reality. The 3D reality relates more closely to the ego and believing in mostly only what we can perceive through the 5 senses. While the 5th dimension reality resonates at a higher vibrational rate and is composed of unconditional love, happiness, peace, freedom, and abundance – something most have sought, or are currently seeking in this now moment.

Because we are spiritual beings, it’s only natural that we learn to shift and ascend into a 5D reality. Realizing that our bodies are merely vessels for our physical experience. 5D reality is the highest dimension available to us on the physical plane and this is what most are attempting to create through deliberate manifestation efforts. In this video, I will give you a process that will show you how to shift to a higher dimension, manifest faster, and ascend with the New Earth.

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