If I am eternal then why do I disappear upon death?

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  1. John Rountree

    The question I have, beyond SIFT what about memories, are they or maybe a better word experiences of my being preserved eternally?

  2. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, I feel absolute silence. We want your valuable service to the world more then hundred years. Thanks with tears.

  3. dimps biliou

    So if its me everywhere around, experiencing me, what goal should each one of us have? To experience more and more(bad or good)? To science? To live without a clue as a dumb? What?

  4. Esoteric Pilgrim

    πŸ™ Mr. Deepak Chopra ji, you are an enlightened soul, the brightest side I see you speech is that, you are not bound by any religion.Enlightened are not bound by religion.With lots & lots of love πŸ’“ from a Indian sufi student πŸ™ May Allah bless us all Spritual people.

  5. Esoteric Pilgrim

    May God bless the man who disliked this speech of one of the greatest soul of our time.

    1. Path Finder

      Keep religion out of this….a judgmental father figure is what man created to control the populace.

  6. Tania Maria dos Santos

    Wow, Dr Deepak let us know when you will come to BRAZIL, it will be with great joy to be able to be in your presence here. Love & Light.πŸ’•πŸ’«

  7. sai krishnan

    Consciousness moves in to another universe after death do you agree with it Robert lanza theory of biocentrism?

  8. Maria Machado

    But that,s all we can see, is the body. When we die somebody has to buried it with all those cerimonies related to the processe. When we love the person, it is very hard to see that body without any movement and been taken away to the cemetery. I know that I have a soul that is eternal but I cannot see it, so, for me,the person disappear. God bless you for your intelligence I wish I could understand all your wise words but something remain in my mind because I keep seeing your vΓ­deosπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  9. Joe Brennan.

    So we are tiny fractals of God and ultimately, there is only God….?

    1. Magda 13

      yeah…looks like this to me πŸ™‚

    2. Mini K H

      And Wonders why This God needed so many of Us n in other Different forms to Experience What.. life??.. That POWER could have done it without anyone of Us n other living things around.. so many questions comes to Mind.. Why All this Drama.. of Birth.. Death for so many times.. Why??.. If that Power wanted could have given this knowledge of Metahuman to everyone Born.. why we All are on different planes of Awareness.. those who went through Nirvana.. had only fraction of seconds to Experience that State.. for which these Souls .. did life times in Penance.. What this Power wanted Us to Understand.. for which Sending Us here.. to Teach what ( as part of This God’s fractions.. has All POWERS.. then..).. Why Here??


    We are Blessed πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  11. michael bach

    Kind of virtual reality


    26 minutes goes like a shot . Namaste deepak
    Love and peace

  13. Melissa Kemp

    Amazing, Deepak… ty☺

  14. TJF F

    If we are as stated enternal consciousness why did we decide if we did decide- to phyicalize ourselves in this way ? As opp to many other ways

  15. Elan Sun Star Photography

    Thank you for being present and bold….

  16. Magda 13

    Oning and offing πŸ˜€

  17. Osiris Shafer

    So upon death from this physical body We just keep on changing into LIFE which could be a little pebble of sand or another human right?

  18. vasistha giri

    AUM <3 Kindly say something about our quantum existence <3

  19. Paoby Obounou

    That interesting and fascinating listening to you. Now where I go from all you mentioned? How do I realizer all of that in my reality then? I have the sense or feeling that I understand what you mentioned but still not crystal. I want to know and realized the truth not just listen.

  20. Machiavelli II

    I enjoy your content, but the audio needs boosting.

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