Immortality is a Choice in Timeless Now

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Immortality is a Choice in Timeless Now – From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. chris cmdonnell

    thank you so much deeppak

  2. Vidsi B

    Deepak are these LIVE streams? Where do you do these? In FB?

  3. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank u .

  4. Diana Ramos

    How can we join you on your LOVE streams? Thank you..

  5. Diana Ramos

    LIVE streams,,,,,,LOVE all the same.

  6. 1 Regina

    .. so it doesn’t matter who I am as I focus on the Light within? I don’t know who I am when around others, but be still and know” what ever that is! Lol πŸ˜‚ just a soft white light at this now 😊 Thank you sooo much! I feel validated by your videos..Thank you! Possibilities sneaking in? 😊

  7. Ronnie Baker

    Diamond Encrusted WooWoo!

  8. Francesco A. Giovannone

    Very clear Dr Deepak Chopra, beautiful presentation-dissertation, the very best, thank you. PURE AWARENESS is that(non that) which pervades and simultaneously transcends all things-thoughts-creations-experiences….that consciousness(localized-finite-relative awareness or construct of awareness) projects itself on to the screen in PURE AWARENESS, hence giving birth to human experience which is non-local, ephemeral, evanescent, in-fact it is modulated-PURE AWARENESS in PURE AWARENESS(Eternity-Infinity-Intelligence-Energy-perfect Science-God…).
    We human BEINGS have the illusion and delusion that ours is a localized-gross-materially based existence. Human BEING projects consciousness-beliefs-subconscious mind…onto the screen of life in PURE AWARENESS, and when the soap-bubble bursts(human death), PURE AWARENESS which pervaded and transcended the soap-bubble(human life) is eternally present. Therefore, the human experience is ephemeral and evanescent in nature, the BEING of the human(PURE AWARENESS) is eternal-immortal-ever-present.

  9. Honestmicky

    Thanks so much Deepak for another outstanding video. I’m adding Metahuman to my library. You are such a blessing in my life. I am learning soooo much from your daily YouTube videos. What an amazing time to be alive, with the technology to help humanity to wake up en mass. 2020 in going to be a beautiful year, and you are helping lead the way : )

  10. G

    Watching this reminds me of the self i’ ve lost over the years…

  11. G

    Where does the space around the object (or, the space within and around the object), end?

  12. Angelica Skelly

    Happy New Year !

  13. Bettina Navarro

    Thank you so much Depaak for keeping us motivated and educated on awareness 😘 Please , continue doing it so. I love it daily

  14. Sonja Nika

    Dear Deepak, thank you so much for these daily teachings. I can’t understand it with my mind what you are saying but somehow I know it or something in me knows. Blessings Sonja

  15. LOURDES ANA Basaldua

    Hi many thank for the video .sir we wishesing a very happy new year to you God Bless you

  16. HikingDawn !!!!

    I enjoy your daily discussions so very much. Thank you, πŸ™

  17. stormnstress

    Metahuman. Thank you.

  18. Ludmyla Krystyna Millar

    A Shift in Perception IS a Shift in IdentityπŸ’–

  19. Marc Anthony Marquez

    Inspiring and useful πŸ™‚

  20. Watami Werami

    Thank you keep up the great work

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