Infinite Being is beyond space and time #Metahuman

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Is it possible to venture beyond daily living and experience heightened states of awareness? Humans do this naturally—to a point. For centuries the great artists, scientists, writers, and many ordinary people have gone beyond the everyday physical world. But if we could channel these open bewildering experiences, what would happen?

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  1. Robert Leroux

    Kind of.


    Dear Deepak, thank you for your unconditional Love. Through the process of finding this simple truth, have you ever felt like mind is raising forward than our breath – to me it’s like that right now upon knowing and understanding this simplicity. Any guidance please.
    Love you😁

  3. Total T

    Yes, I have my moments. TY🙏

  4. Hsitas Amrahs

    Excellent explation for knowing truth/reality/pure consciousness/SHIVA…. thanks 🙏

  5. LandryattheBayou

    I hope I’m getting this too 😁

  6. by Daniel Chiotis

    Sir, infinite being is also before space and time 🙂

    1. geoffrey nunn

      by Daniel Chiotis interesting though they may be we must not loose sight that these SOUND BITES are publicity for his next book. Such spiritual reasoning for the profane and mundane common drudge Twix man and man. (Silver) or money as it may be.
      information is good but he must reconcile the gap here to regain credibility.
      Hey ho. ! On to the next one.

    2. by Daniel Chiotis

      @geoffrey nunn thats great!
      ….. but I see how atoms make up a cell that makes up a being so he still has a level of credibility to be at least relevant. We are all Fishers of Men in many ways that choose to look at things like this and understandably there are people that will follow him just as blindly as they follow the Bible but I am thankful that him and others are alive and our times so we could be Witness and invest bettering ourselves.
      …. I wonder where the next one will come from!

    3. by Daniel Chiotis

      Goodness to you Deepak, no disrespect. You are one with experience and have been teaching for quite a while resulting in many good-natured Transformations and existence has that roam the Earth in a better way now.
      We need this🌿

    4. geoffrey nunn

      by Daniel Chiotis
      All experience arises from oneself. Depends where your imagination takes you on you journey. Thank you for being part of my imagination

    5. by Daniel Chiotis

      @Divine Rebel for Love watch my video and tell me what you think. It may support you or inspire you:
      You speak of Nephilim and Jesus. You say Deepak maybe selfish, but what area of life does he pertain to in relation to what you state?

  7. Chris Carter

    Life is just an illusion, Love’s a Dream !❤💚💙💗💛🧡💖😄

    1. Tyler Moheekin

      I laugh dreams illusions, you knits just repeat whatever I tell you to. Your technology is no match for God.

  8. nuredin munir

    Thank you Deepak

  9. Chris Sharpe

    I had that thought before . Just a intuitive knowing

  10. geoffrey nunn

    Short and concise but lacking in profundity!! Why does it have to be biological. and all that is is before space and time which is our personal illusion! I truly suggest you try this exploration again Deepak! I say this with the highest regard for your ability to explain simply what others can only offer 5000 words for.

  11. Alberto Cespedes

    As much as I want, no.

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