Invoking the Divine Feminine for Conscious Evolution and Leadership

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Claudia Cruz

    Deepak … I value so hard all the wisdom you always share with us… Thank you so much…!!! Enjoy Yoga … We Love You… Hugs fron Mexico ♡

  2. Antony Wadsworth

    Have a great day Deepak!

  3. Tracy Racette

    Thank you Deepak.

  4. Hiruye Afework


  5. Tha La

    Thank you for your words

  6. Vasanthraj Nair

    7 Divine Feminine Archetypes
    1. Demeter – Energy associated with Mother -beauty, intuition, affection, nurturing, tenderness,
    2. Hera – divine feminine of Power – true power comes from self-esteem, presence, friendliness, respect, good manners, true self-esteem
    3.Artemis – Divine feminine that connects with Nature Conservation, taking care of the personal body and extended body- nature
    4. Athena – Divine feminine Wisdom, Culture, Music, arts, literature
    5.Aphrodite – Divine feminine Beauty and sexuality, love, sensuality, esthetics
    6.Persephone- Healer and alchemist, look at the energies, light and dark, reshuffle the qualia experience
    7. Hestia – homemaker and taking care of the world

    Thank you for sharing these – Namaste Deepak Ji

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Thanks for the summary . Love

    2. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      That’s only one aspect of truth. Thannodu nijathai yaadhartha nijamaai maatan paadillaa

    3. Magda 13

      BS 🙂

  7. Collin Rudert

    No thank you the people that need such things it’s never enough for take your life replace it with there’s there not right in the head they make marriage off it and justify it

  8. Sudha Lotun to join you live? I always just fall on the recorded videos on YouTube. Could anyone please advise? Thx ☺️

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Facebook Live daily!

  9. Yvonne Quintal

    Aloha from Hawaii ! 🌺

  10. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, HEARTFUL Thanks to you. No words to say your speech is full of joy.

  11. Nancy Lagoyda

    This goes along with a book I am reading about the Grandmothers trying to make changes in the world and the Yin and Yang of life.

  12. Beatriz Monteiro

    Thank you, dear Deepak Chopra. It was very insightful, beautiful, powerful. To the Divine Feminine in us all!

  13. About Creativity

    Very good.

  14. Dora Villaverde

    Thank you always Deepak. I live in Spain and the new president and goberment in general are a really bad combination of mandatory state to get down all our beatiful country and its values.
    I will to invoke all of them and hope to get help to Spain.
    If you like to make the invocation x Spain I really apreciate it.
    You are always welcome to our lives Deepak.

  15. Phoenix Star

    Namaste Deepak. “to evoke the archetypal Divine Feminine in our own being it doesn’t matter if your a Man or a Woman or LGBT or non-binary we all have the same energy in various proportions in our psyche and in our consciousness” Thank you as always for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. PEACE&LOVE

  16. Vicky Arce

    Carissimo Deepak apprezzo moltissimo ogni volta che realizzi un video.ti seguo molto e devo dire che la mia vita spiritual si è trasformata più consapevolezza e gioia e anche di grande apertura,
    Ma purtroppo non so l’inglese e mi perdo di seguire certi L video come questo.non è possibile haberlo in Italiano? Grazie di cuore

  17. B H

    You are so right Depak! This masculine aggressive behavior has even consumed the females as they have attempted to prove male equality. This Devine feminine seems to have become greatly suppressed. Time for the shift.

    1. Jakob Blazko

      Small correction. At least in western countries, females are taking over with this masculine aggressive behavior. Look at those radical feminists putting down men. Look at females screwing around with hundreds of sexual partners, while men are becoming Incels (last Joker movie, for example). Look at divorce courts, where females automatically receive most of the benefits on account of their ex-husbands. Even today I heard one of my female coworkers speaking about contraception pills. They are free , easy to use and when you look at that, they are not here to prevent pregnancy anymore. Pills are here to encourage female promiscuity without worrying about consequences i.e. pregnancy.

      Female behaviour is becoming more and more disgusting. What only men could do in the past, women are doing it now. And they scream around that they are entitled to that kind of behaviour. Either both sexes are entitled to it, or none of them.

      I’ll just point out another movie example: last 3 Star Wars movies, and that progressive (or so-called Woke leftist) picturing themselves with T-shirts Force is Female.
      Claiming that is a path to the Dark Side. Force is either male and female at the same time or neither.

    2. B H

      @Jakob Blazko Time for that shift that Dr Chopra mentioned. I just hope the Devine feminine manifests mostly in females and not males. Otherwise we may have a world with masculine Females and Feminine Males. What a mess..

  18. Sile Leech

    Love it

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