Knowing yourself is knowing Reality : A Meditation

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  1. Jen's Gems

    I’m one who sees the various human costumes as we each and or both multidimensionally dance… this avatar of yours is most shamanic in looks… your genuine heartfelt concern and Kindness for us One and All is extra huge today. Thanks as always all ways❣

  2. Kimburlee Ann

    Yes! Thank you! Xoxo

  3. Edward Vasquez

    Thank you Dr Chopra I’ve loved your messages for years. I’m hearing the same tone, the same intonation, the same volume with virtually no variance. What I perceive also is a lack of passion and excitement and I’m having trouble hearing the meanings of the messages and sometimes even the content gets blurred in the consistent humming of The Voice. PS I’ll go back to your talk about the happiness quotient. Thanks again for your efforts they are helpful

  4. lucid dreams

    Thankyou ❤

  5. strongdan1

    Thanks teacher ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

  6. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak ❤️

  7. Reiki on the Run

    Good morning from Mexico!

  8. Kevin Thomas

    You are light. Your vibrations travel at the speed of light.

  9. Dr.Satish Sharma

    ‘I AM’… beautifully elaborated and explained in plain language…. thanks 🙏.

  10. Patricia Angeles

    Thank you so much for your teachings. My mind become clam when I hear you.

  11. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir Thank you.

  12. Phoenix Star

    “that’s who we are infinite freedom infinite creativity” Feb 2020. Namaste Deepak. Thank you as always it’s such a joy to listen to your videos. Mantra today. “I am” PEACE&LOVE

  13. Carissa Devar

    Thank you Deepak for everything.

  14. Don Martin

    We are all divine spirits having a human experience.thank you deepak for enhancing the experience.

  15. V R Rao Rao

    U r trying to grasp things, by mind,
    Truth beyond Body, mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings and above I am

  16. V R Rao Rao

    When u r enlightened , u will know what the nonsense u r spreading, with ur limited mind

  17. Ella Fitz

    I have ads every 2 minutes… :(((

  18. Jai666666666

    A dream, within a dream…, let’s hope someone in this multiverse is awake!!!

  19. Xai Von

    Intelligence is Love♡and Love is Light☆Peace Love and Respect for All Beings. Namaste #evilhasnobusinessinourhearts #ProjectBonXai #barefootwalkforhumanity

  20. Shiva Negi

    -The greatest achievement is when you come to know one’s own true nature.

    -The secret to happiness is knowing oneself.

    -Success is nothing but accomplishment of an aim or goal and it is not happiness at all.

    -To know the ultimate truth of your true nature, it is solely enough to walk on the path of truth; If you do not follow the path of truth, there will be no benefit from spirituality, meditation or satsang , Motivation or Inspiration.

    -God is a Spirit, dwells in the Soul, experience by the Heart is “Enlightenment.”

    -Follow the path of truth and soon the time will come when you will come to know the ultimate truth of life and God-realization itself.

    -Knowing one’s true nature is everlasting happiness.

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