Mechanics of Creation and Manifestation

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From Human to #Metahuman – Mechanics of Creation and Manifestation – Being Becoming and appearance of form and phenomena.

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    Great Chopra!! Grande


    I’m just curious. What has Deepak manifested?

    1. CuriousCat

      Oh, don’t be ridiculous!

  3. Tao Now

    I have a question about something in Meta human , who do I call?

  4. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´formless being´´ ´´Selectively Put attention and intention on sensations perceptions images feelings and (most important) thoughts´´ ´´creation or manifestation´´ ´´desire for manifestation´´

  5. MrDesoto33

    Leaving the “one is all and all is one” – I have no shape or form as a disembodied spirit I am dead and yet I’m born i.e. OM is considered the original sin in the eastern traditions and likened to the Garden of Eden story in the west. The key is we don’t need ANY human form to exist be it physical human form or celestial. To be in human form or not to be in human form , that is the question. Excellent awareness of the world of forms emanating from the formless OM.

  6. bruce fischetti

    Well Chopra, what have we here. With-in earshot❣️TY

  7. Dr.Satish Sharma

    How ground state of formless being which is not physical, stirs desire to manifest or rather it’s physical conditioned body evolved/ born as zygote which stirs desire to case parents deside not to have child nothing will manifest.. please make it clear.. thanks 🙏.

  8. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Second part is understood…. one has to put efforts to understand that we are formless being & accordingly with intentions and attentions ( meditation) we have to realize Truth… thanks 🙏

  9. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Could it be that formless being(pure consciousness) stired up desire to manifest / become single cell organisium billions yrs. ago and which subsequently evolved to become human being and now with selective intentions & attention of SIFT, perceptions etc.( Meditation, karma yoga,Gayatri mantra etc.) we want to realize TRUTH (pure consciousness) & to become one with orginal state of formless being again.

  10. LeQuia Kambui

    Wow 💜 so simple. Thank you for these videos!!

  11. Esoteric Pilgrim

    What a nice way of putting naked facts in simple words, but where are the people to listen to them these days.
    Blessed are the one who listen to the Spritual speeches, they are slected by God.🙏 with a lots of love for all from a sufi student from India 🙏

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