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  1. Kumar S

    Only 133 views to this video. Way to bundle of wisdom here. I wonder what else people are watching on you tube.
    I am exploring myself with the help of your discoveries on spiritual things.

    1. Reverend Eslam

      Kumar S

      There are TWO kinds of persons in this dualistic world: one is called “divine” or “saintly”, and the other kind is known as “demonic” or “satanic”.

      One who is more than fifty percent holy is called “divine”, and one who is more than fifty percent evil is termed “demonic”. There are practically no humans who are one hundred percent divine, or conversely, totally demonic. Each individual falls someplace in the SPECTRUM of this dichotomy. The method of calculating the holiness of any particular person is not an exact science. Logically speaking, the most holy and enlightened person on earth at any given time is most qualified to judge another’s character, especially if he is a member of the Priesthood.

      Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of persons in this Age of Darkness (“Kali Yuga”, in Sanskrit), are afflicted with a demonic mentality. It honestly seems to me that, unless by some miracle, if society continues its decadent course, there will be hardly a single holy man or woman remaining in the coming century, or even coming decade. In some countries, even a DECENT person is extremely rare, what to speak of a holy one.

      After residing in The Philippines for an entire decade and meeting literally tens of thousands of individual persons (either in person, via telephone text messages, or social media on the Internet), I have yet to come across a SINGLE decent Filipino. Even the very few vegans here are either staunch feminists, socialists, proud homosexual offenders, slutty bitches, or vile sinners who blaspheme or even threaten the life of gentle monks, including the World Teacher himself. And of the approximately 99.9% of Pinoys who are non-vegan, not a single one can be classified as decent, since they needlessly harm animals, even after it is clearly explained to them that human beings are unquestionably a herbivorous species and have no need of destroying the lives of poor, innocent animals.

      There are FOUR reasons why a person aspires to holiness and four reasons why he may be attracted to the darkness.

      The FOUR kinds of persons who adhere to a system of yoga/religion (“dharma”, in Sanskrit) are as follows:
      those who seek a cure for suffering; the seekers of knowledge; those desirous of material benefits; and those who are truly wise.

      The FOUR kinds of persons who do not submit to spiritual authority are:
      deluded evil-doers; irreligious persons (meaning those who do not follow an authorized system of yoga and moral precepts, known in Bhārata as “dharma” or “dhamma”); those whose knowledge has been taken by illusory pursuits (for instance, those seemingly intelligent individuals who are obsessed with one of the arts or sciences); and those afflicted with a nasty, conniving, demonic mentality.

      In conclusion, however, it must be emphasized that the ULTIMATE reason for any particular person possessing either a divine or a demonic nature, is not due to any factor under the individual’s control.
      Rather, it is due to the fact that a person’s nature is determined by their genetic code at the time of conception, as well as their life conditioning (which may include any mutations in that genetic code), as fully illustrated in Chapter 11 of this Holy Scripture.

      “The ‘world’ is ego-mummery. The ‘world’ is mad. Humankind is in a constant state of extreme psychosis – don’t you know?
      Therefore, knowing that, choose to take the cure.”
      Franklin Jones (AKA Avatar Adi Da Samraj),
      American Spiritual Master.
      ©2014 “The Gnosticon” part seven.

      “I see the coming of a new age where barbaric leaders rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful, hard men live insignificant lives – white hair at sixteen and copulating with animals. Their women perfect whores making love with greedy mouths.
      Trees stunted lifeless, no more flowers, no more purity. Ambition, corruption, commerce. It’s the age of Kali, the dark time. Crime stalks the cities, all the waters sucked up by the sky. Scolded earth scorched to dead ash. The rains fall and engulf the earth.
      All that remains is a grey sea without man, beast or tree.”
      King Yudisthira,

      1. Shakil

        You are not the world teacher. You are a fucking idiot.

  2. Sam P.A.

    Good morning, thank you for doing these Dr.


    Another version of myself that i love and i bless now!💜🙏

  4. Susan

    Thank you for today’s message. Looking forward to the global meditation too.

  5. Honestmicky

    Thanks for this wonderful lesson Deepak. I’m signed up for Monday’s Global Meditation. I’ll follow your channel for the event, thank you : )



  7. Kathryn Willette

    I’ve been chronically ill and in pain for 15 years, and I don’t know why I would have done, nor what I would now do, without meditation. 🙏🙏

  8. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  9. Richard Escarcega

    This coming Monday will be March 9th.

  10. Irene Lau

    Thank you Deepakji for your precious sharing. I have read your book on the “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga”.

  11. J Quin Essence

    March 12 2020 is a Thursday according to my Google calendar. Did I mishear or misunderstood something please ?

  12. J Quin Essence

    Dear Brother Deepak
    I’m in Australia. I very MU h want to participate in global meditation.
    Please clarify if you intend to do this on Monday 8th or Thursday 12th?
    Thank you 🙏 ❤️

  13. Shalini Naidu

    Yes please let us know how we can heal our bodies and mind from all the various health issues we have..


    Namaste Dear Deepak
    Yes l believe in meditation as l teach & do regular, will do ,Thank you so much Shanti

  15. BSarg

    Yes I like the idea of a healing series.

    Bummer. I don’t do FB. Hopefully you’ll post it here on YT

  16. Julia Langmaid

    Great that you give your time and kindness, l also hope you’re able to put this event on youtube tomorrow the 9th of March as l dont do face book either……
    onwards and wards

  17. Joseph Mitchell

    My grandson at times out of no where stares into space with a blank stare for just a few seconds he is 1 year old is he getting in touch with his soul for just that very short period of time I tend to think he is any help I would appreciate thanks

  18. Elan Sun Star Photography

    Oh!! A new book on Meditation!!! So excited and happy to hear that! So valuable../so necessary. THANK YOU! just so very inspired by this news!!!!!And yes, the Healing can never be taught enough. more reminders and techniques and more meditation and practice videos. Namaste dear Deepak

  19. TheMatrix999 DIVINEORDER

    TODAY, IS MONDAY…MARCH 10. 1.:37 IN HAWAII…meditation is every moment of my life…listening to the inspiration of my heart..where “language of lovelight” communicates to me ..a direct connection we all have…all real humans…that is created with the DNA…”god eternal within the body”….not sure if clones are included..or robots…sorry~!!! I have participated with meditation and transferred each experience into printed images…which is like creating a permanent vision of the experience..this therefore creates a holographic image that has infinite possibilities as I post it often on my Facebook wall…and where it goes…who downloads it..??? let the angels guide the way…it is just my way of adding the divine matrix to the matrix of humanity…mass consciousness that is wanting to awaken to their higher selves.

  20. Jai Ram

    Meditation on healing at this time is very appropriate. Our thoughts are with all those throughout the world who have and are suffering from this corona virus. Thank you and be joyful.

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