Rational Thought can never give you access to Reality

Rational Thought can never give you access to Reality

Rational Thought can never give you access to Reality

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  1. Thank Deepak for your Patience!

  2. Aloha from Hawaii ! ­čî║

  3. Thank you Deepak ­čÖĆ

  4. Respected sir, thank u . Meditation is the only way to tackle the thoughts. Rational or irrational.

  5. Love It. Tank you

  6. Thank you Dr Chopra for your lifework.

  7. “Rational” thought vs. thought prefaced in any way can never give you access to “Reality”! Footnote for my own “hmmm?” moment!

    1. Ponpo

    2. Naziya

  8. New to your channel…..I’m hooked! Gracias!!

  9. Is this a LIVE thing? I never get notified.

  10. I for one are ever so grateful for your ruminations !

  11. Very good, ┬┤┬┤the way to truth┬┤┬┤ — ┬┤┬┤closer to truth┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤dismantle untruth from truth┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤reality is that never goes away┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤what is thought?┬┤┬┤ = ┬┤┬┤a thought is a perceptual activity, smell, taste, noise┬┤┬┤ + ┬┤┬┤language, words, perceptions┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤experience of motion┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤the body itself is not a container of awareness┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤consciousness is the source of all experience┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤love is the ultimate truth┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤I am a activity of the entire universe┬┤┬┤

    1. Thank you !

  12. Your Ruminations are excellent… !!!
    Rumi and Krishnamurti would be proud ­čĹŹ­čĆż

  13. I am in the middle of lecture. I think source of thoughts can be realized by one when one is in a state of no-mind.

  14. I really love the way you share your thoughts and understanding with us….such a gift for the world. Thank you very much Deepak.
    God bless you ÔŁĄ­čśŐ

  15. Never do you ruminate!
    I AM so grateful for You Baba!
    Thank you for your teachings*

  16. Thank you wise one. ÔŁĄ

  17. Deepak = The Best Ever : )

  18. we r blessed to have u as prophet bb u godrok

  19. I love what you are saying but will have to listen to this twice thank you deepak ­čÖĆ­čĆ╗

  20. Thank you sir. Last 8 months I had been constantly suffering because I was so much cluched in the rational cause and effect and lost all hopes. But gradually with all that you say, I started developing hope, I realised there is an innumerable probability do float and I can tap anything to real once I accept that my mind is on a web with all the minds and my thoughts can create anything..

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