Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Don Hoffman

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Jennifer K. Hill, host, and co-founder of MetaBizics, interviews Deepak Chopra and Donald Hoffman about their respective new books: Metahuman and A Case Against Reality. During this discussion, Chopra and Hoffman delve into and reveal their perspectives on what consciousness is, and how it impacts our ability to see the truth of our realities. Chopra and Hoffman explore the intersection of science and spirituality, and what that means for the future of human beings and artificial intelligence.

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  1. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Excellent…. thanks 🙏


    I I think in future artificial intelligence will grow and it will be able to compete with human consciousness but it will have its limitation. So it will be able to do lots of things that human beings are incapable of but because all the physical objects are also consciousness but it has certain boundaries. Of course each physical objects has different boundaries or unique level of consciousness but the human form of consciousness is the highest among all the other form of consciousness no matter what object/matter we are talking about. Because artificial intelligence is just a physical object which has certain intelligence inbuilt. it still has its boundaries no matter how far it goes. Where as Human consciousness is limitless. It has the capacity to evolve up to unimaginable ways and it can grow beyond our thoughts and beyond the present form at any moment of time.
    Evolution of human consciousness is unimaginable and limitless but evolution of artificial intelligence is limited and can be calculated with the help of data and information (even if it seems impossible or incalculable now)
    That’s my personal opinion by the way. Please feel free to Correct me if I’m wrong… 😉

  3. asomaskanda

    Everybody talks about artificial intelligence as though it is an independent organism that arose all by itself and is more powerful than human mind. Bah humbug! So who created artificial intelligence? It’s the human mind. A telescope can see things humans cannot. Who created it in the first place? Who interprets what the telescope sees? It’s sheer lunacy and irrational hype to scare the wits out of all of us by all this hoopla about artificial intelligence being more powerful than the humans! Yes, atom bomb is more powerful than all humanity. What if humanity decides not to make it? It will self create itself? Let’s stop this nonsense.

  4. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you for this wonderful discussion eternal awareness 🙏

  5. John P.

    Thank you all for posting this experience! Namaste…


    Thank you Awake TV Network for bringing this conversation. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Dr. Deepak & Dr. Hoffman. And I am glad that Dr. Deepak’s life struggle to knit ancient wisdom traditions in spirituality with scientific community is bearing fruits, and Dr. Hoffman’s case against reality hopefully becomes a stepping stone on a path to meta human.

  7. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´conversations for consciousness´´ ´´what is consciousness?´´ ´´Meta-Human = beyond the human condition mind´´ ´´human condition mind = human story´´ ´´reality can not be accessed through the human condition´´ ´´perception´´ ´´ perceptual experience´´ ´´ matter construct´´

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Thank you !

  8. sealie15

    Theories, theories theories …. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. flafaloon

      U still believe you exist as a person?

    2. sealie15

      flafaloon well yes on this polluted and corrupt plateau 😒

    3. flafaloon

      sealie15 yes it is, but it’s all a play, and for a purpose. Your true self is beyond the world, everyone’s true being is the one and same thing, and utterly untouched by the world. So, be in the world but not of it, and worry not. Blessings

  9. Joseph Shiller

    Ultimately artificial intelligence, would mean to create the organic from the inorganic, like what grew on Earth over the past 4.5 billion years. We can and are begining to replicate ourselves, soon we will be able to link our higher thought processes and abstractions via technology, with chips in our brains. Just watch science fiction, it’s fairly reliable, a lot has already come true.

  10. Andressa Saporski

    I don’t know why but when I hear Deepak talking, I listen so much more than he talks, I kinda feel the truth….his wisdom resonates with is inside of me someway

  11. The Chopra Well

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  12. Salena Shakti Radford

    chasing our tails is the consciousness game we are

  13. Christine ACB

    Reification come s from latin Res : thing “instead” of Rei : king.
    It explains a political point of vue

  14. A. Q.

    The answer is simple. I don’t know where consciousness comes from.
    And if i don’t know it, nobody knows.

    Nobody is as clairvoyant as i am. Period.
    And when i asked a being that resides outside the cosmos, he didn’t know it either. He even asked others and they didn’t know!
    I traced consciousness back to that other space. Or better, liquid. The cosmos is like an expanding light bulb in a silky black liquid. And those beings live in that place. It’s a place, not another dimension.

    There never was a Big Bang. In the beginning there was a portal. Out of that portal came space. And after that came the first planets.
    And then i detected the first life form. It was the consciousness of the creator of it all.
    He is not a god. He is a player. From that other side.
    So, consciousness comes from another place. And perhaps from another dimension. One i haven’t yet discovered.
    And this may sound arrogant, but if i have not yet found it, nobody else has.
    That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It means i have to look better.
    However, i am in an impasse. In order to get further i have to circumvent the beings i talked to already.
    But there is a guard that protects them. And he takes his job very serious. And that guard is as big as our entire cosmos. He consists of flower leaf shaped white energy fields that converge into a single point of origin.
    Those energy fields create a sterile environment. I noticed that he saw my presence as a disharmony. Which means i gotta watch out.

    Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions how to get further, please fire away.
    I’m all ears.

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