Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness

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“Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Don Hoffman”. Hosted by The University of California in Irvine School of Social Sciences Dean’s Leadership Society.

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  1. TheConsciousCat

    Absolutely great and enlightening ! Thank you Deepak and Hoffman

  2. Stuart Glendinning

    Loved this, thank you so much for posting 🙏

  3. Noureddine Nam

    go on human being dive into unknown without ourselves….

  4. Joe Brennan.

    Brilliant. …Thank you so much for uploading this Deepak. 👍

  5. Kathri 100

    Actually expecting answers from science is futile. Whatever the hypothesis is and however it is cognised as the measurement and thoughts / ideas generated can never be real as the observer changes the experience and phenomenon.The sensual realm including the mind has an inherent delay and a can never be ‘ true’

  6. Ana M

    Absolutely loved everything you said. I’m for sure not a Scientist and I’m pretty ignorant regarding Theology, but all I have to say is that you guys love what you do. So for me that’s consciousnesses. The expression of pure love that comes from this mysterious Divine Force that has no time, limits, or space but that lives within us all, but only if we let ourselves be guided by it, like I can see it has been guiding you guys, only then we would experience a different “reality” A different “world”. It’s a personal job and journey, but a collective responsibility. Just talking from my heart, lots of love to you all✨💖✨

  7. Pittsburgh Estate Sales

    A mathematical model for god, thank you Mr Hoffman, now we are getting somewhere.

  8. Q Rosario

    Awesome dialogue, reminds me of a james redfield novel.

  9. vulcanus30

    How do you know you will not experience anything during your deep sleep?
    Because you don’t remember the experience?
    Drawing a conclusion from it would be childish.

  10. Catalin Gogioiu

    Wonderful ! Thank you Universe for people like Don Hoffman! A great mind …

  11. Yuriy Sarkisov

    Wow. Thanks for uploading this. Great way to wake you up in the morning.

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