The Mystery of You and the Universe in a Coffee Cup.

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Lucrecia Piñón

    Hello Deepak. It is a great privilege to know about you. It was a few months ago and since that moment I follow your videos. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

  2. scorpio moon

    Good Morning. We are grateful for you.

  3. Kunal Tiwari

    That means i were listening to myself not you. Since there is only me everywhere

    1. Deepak Chopra

      yes !

    2. Deepak Chopra

      Yes !

    3. paula

      @Deepak Chopra so..does everything have consciousness then?..even the coffee cup..etc….I have been wanting to know this for some time and no one will give me an thinking is yes..but I would love your insight.


      @paula everything is consciousness that is formless … nothingness … and when it becomes aware the nothingness becomes everything …
        I can say that from consciousness thoughts come and dissolve, all phenomena come and dissolve, emotions come and dissolve … but it’s not what you really are … it’s all there to be an experience! So enjoy the experience in pure bliss for life!

    5. paula

      @AKAYAH AKAYAH yes..ok..I think understand..did you ever watch the double slit experiment (YouTube)..if not you should..its very telling how matter is conscious of being observed..would like your thoughts on it..if you would like

  4. Tracy Racette

    So grateful for you.

  5. Honestmicky

    Wow thanks Deepak for another great lesson, much appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time, effort, and expense to create your daily gems. Fist bump : )

    1. train Music

      Ditto !

  6. 1 Regina

    so much Grace in seeking the Space… 😂. thank you!!
    Regina Sullivant 🙂
    (Reggie now) 😊

  7. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Excellent… thanks 🙏

  8. 1 Regina

    I am consciousness”. light, all is well. Thank you so Much!!

  9. John Swann

    Thanks for sharing It is very helpful to me thank you John

  10. train Music

    Boy in a moment you bring light hearted joy or my awareness of joy back, I need to hear you as it allows me to maintain balance as I recover from 3 concussions in 2 year timespan and have issues with executive function skills but you are so clear and I have so many aha ! Moments listening to you so all is not lost in my cognition.

    1. Deepak Chopra


  11. Paula Clements

    Hello Deepak!

  12. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you very much.

  13. Mark Rudis

    Nothingness assembled into false forms at the command of my true self all for the benefit of the experience. Sat chit ananda 🙏❤

  14. Don Martin

    Deepak thank you for ,sharing your insights ,space and coffee .with the universe of nothingness.with a light in the center of invisible,yet visible through Experience and perceiption..

  15. Dr.Satish Sharma

    In this 24 minutes video, not only all science which includes physics, chemistry biology etc.but also all spiritualism (including hard problem of consciousness) is beautifully explained.. WHAT’S LEFT TO EXPLAIN?

    What is left with ultimately ?
    …thanks 🙏.


    We are the field and the knower of the field. “I am that I am… pure consciousness.”

  17. Liliane MANCEBO

    hello! thanks!!

  18. G

    “reality” is subjective so much more than I ever thought before. Time is as well

  19. Shanti Alewaeters

    Namaste, thank you for sharing the coffee 🙏😉😌♥️

  20. Watami Werami

    You’re an amazing piece of consciousness.

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