Waking up to Reality is less than a thought away

Waking up to Reality is less than a thought away

Waking up to Reality is less than a thought away. From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Very good, ´´waking up to reality´´ ´´waking up to the truth´´ ´´infinite awareness´´ ´´I am awareness´´ ´´awareness has no form´´ awareness is in all experience´´ ´´awareness is a field infinite possibility´´ ´´awareness is the source of intention´´ ´´each thought is a snapshot´´ = ´´happens in a moment then its gone´´ ´´ mind-body and universe´´ = ´´all awareness´´ ´´I am´´ = ´´the awareness that I am´´ ´´borderless´´ ´´ desire of truth´´ ´´going beyond cause and effect´´ = ´´its all interpretation´´ ´´using memory for creativity´´ ´´choice-making´´ ´´flow´´ ´´infinity´´ ´´formless´´ ´´freedom from all limitations´´ ´´in the thought and after thought´´ ´´present´´ ´´happiness and joy just knowing this´´

    1. Thank you !

  2. Love you 🙂

  3. Thank you Deepak, your explanation of the unexplainable was very clear. 🙏❤️

  4. Nice dear teacher…🙏🏻 thank you 😊❤️💜🦋

  5. I am gratefull for you being in our life.

  6. Love these time cells you are making, to help us all remember ❤️🙏

  7. Outstanding video Deepak, thank you, much appreciated. I love watching your daily videos. Have a very nice and peaceful day my friend : )

  8. Thank you Deepak! Joyeuses Fêtes ! Mucho love

  9. Hello Deepak, always glad to hear you. Î’m looking at your videos every day and almost feel disappointed when you don’t post a new one. Thanks for all the wisdom you share with us.

  10. Thanks Deepak.💓

  11. When the awareness is modified as thought is there awareness separate from it ?

  12. Back on track. Thank you for the synchronicity of non-local experience. 😊.

  13. Being, past, present, future, R already Known, (fixed), ? Where’s the , spontaneity, (choice)? An Awareness, video on this ??? plz. #Namaste 🔆

  14. Respected sir, your speech is very nice. Thank you. Ocean is super example to understand the silence.

  15. You got me deh 😁

  16. Dec 2019. Namaste Deepak. Thank you always for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. “without you there would be no imagination there would be no conceptualization there would be no experience of form and phenomena” You at all times remain awareness! PEACE&LOVE

  17. ~Love to you beautiful soul,love your magic~~Kisses!!

  18. I am connecting, thank you.

  19. You sure look like a young, vibrant, happy man.

  20. can you explain more please about the astral cord and different realms of consciousness or apparent realms of consciousness and explain more about the astral world..thankyou for remindind us of our true reality..much love and gratitude to you..♥️

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