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An emotion is a thought linked to a sensation. It is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information in our body.* There are two types of emotions – those that connect us to life and those that alienate us. Emotions that connect us, enhance our experience of life, they increase homeostasis and the process of healing within our body.

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  1. It's Just A Ride

    UG Krishnamurti tells us that the body is only interested in stasis. It has no concern for the future or the past. Nor pleasure. Only maintaining the cocoon. This brings up an important question. Why is the body not interested in pleasure? Simply because pleasure (positive emotions) are cresting waves. Cresting waves are not sustainable and therefore will throw the body out of stasis when they enter the trough phase. Lees up and less down is the goal. Stillness is the goal.

  2. Bob Crudele

    Thank you for this little talk on emotions. It helped me to understand emotions a little better and how they affect homeostasis.

  3. Prakash Chapaner


  4. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak ❤️

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