Who Made God? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Prompted by his granddaughter, Deepak explores the questions: What is God? And who made God? He approaches the query from a cosmological perspective. Think of a cosmic Las Vegas – there are eternal inflation and eternal fluctuation in the universe. Because this is happening eternally, new universes can theoretically spin out, though they would be separated by light-years from other universes. Is eternal inflation a possibility, and is it the mind of God? And if it is so, then who made that?

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  1. Julie Loader

    I don’t believe in the big bang theory, never have. Even as a kid when the science teacher told us about it, I thought it was a joke.
    My question is : IF the big bang were true, what was there before it? And where did that tiny dot the of matter come FROM?

    1. Magda 13

      Yeah I don’t think it was a big bang either. So how was “this” (universe) created, you think? 🙂

    2. Julie Loader

      @Magda 13
      The only thing that (kind of ) makes any sense is that the universe has always existed and always will.

    3. Alec Misra

      Think of a ledger balance

  2. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    I appreciate how you use evidenevidentiary support for your ideas from other scientists. This is a fascinating perspective Dr.

  3. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  4. Lighteningthedark

    The obvious question comming out of a childs mouth. But it always comes back to the first act. What and Who? Only God knows.
    But maybe we are him?
    We have a lot to answer for.

  5. Pastor JC

    I takes a lot of Faith to believe that the whole universe was as small as a dot. God Exists, Deepak… You just dont want to see him.

    1. Lee Hawthorne

      Pastor JC we know God exists because we exist. We are all part of God. No separation. How does God know it’s self other than a concept without experience. Every single being on this planet is God experiencing itself. You, me everyone is God, Forever expanding.

    2. NARC FREE

      @Lee Hawthorne – God exists as in the way he is portrayed in the biblical sense ? – No.

  6. Dragon Lion

    Not really a satisfying answer, I think that no man one on earth can give an answer to this. Maybe some gurus come close to it but then it stops.

  7. stefan stoss

    who made god ” god made everything who made god god made everything who made god god made everything ” maharishi mahesh Yogi in a weekly world press conference
    Dr Chopra MD might give more credit mor eoften to maharishi mahesh Yogi deepak was a TM teacher for a while and beyond and before maharishi there is the ancient vedic knowledge ” rik veda is constitution of the universe “: maharishi ” veda in the body ” this is verbum caro factum est ” human physiology expression of VEDA and vedic literature “: Tony Nader MD PHD MARR

  8. Natalia M. King

    Very scientifc Baba, but you do not speak of Love…

  9. Suketa Patel

    I am sorry…this time my dearest guide….it only touched the left side of the brain…..my left side does not work to good. You lost me with the title of what made God and the big bang theory. My question is: who is observing the observer and then observing that observer and then observing that observer….etc….etc…infinity of observers? And then who made that observer if the observer us God…me…in the highest self…..is there another that is higher? If I am the microcosm of the Macrocosm …is there a bigger macrocosm? My right side understands better😇💥

  10. Kathryn Willette

    Do you make videos that preschooler can understand? I’m the grandmother, and I’d like to teach her about God, because she doesn’t get it at home, and her former nanny was trying, but she has a new one. 🌟

  11. Tomasz Kobierzycki

    In Planck scale- there are loops in spacetime events are eternally repeating. And from point of view of universe- first universe is infinite, there are only regions of spacetime that are locally finite our universe starts with global black hole like state where energy of expansion tears that black hole state apart till energy of expansions is so big and matter denisity is so low compared to expansion energy universe again turns into a black hole like state. No one made universe , loops in spacetime are cause of themself they can’t be created- every event in existence points out to itself and it’s a reason of itself. How i know it? I was working for very long time on trying to solve this problem and that are my results, ofc math is more complex than what i wrote here but that’s the general picture. So who made God? God is reason of it self so is everything else, God can’t be created and so anything that is cant be- we just have perspetive of low energy scale where loops of spacetime do not apear. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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