Deepak & Darrah On Why Everything Happens For A Reason & The Power Of Uncertainty

You are currently viewing Deepak & Darrah On Why Everything Happens For A Reason & The Power Of Uncertainty

Darrah asks Deepak if he believes that everything happens for a reason, which leads them to talk about the power of uncertainty. Tune in to hear his full answer with a fun anecdote and the reasoning he uses to turn every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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  1. Lupe Galvan

    Excelente.NAMASTE 🙏

  2. m p V

    Good powerful message and technique! Been utilizing that mindset for years, I’m certain i heard it from you and many others long ago 🙏🏼

  3. Marcela Carmona

    Wowwww! ❤️☺️

  4. keith brinson

    Tune in and choose whether or not to drop out 🙏🏿 without being rude 👍🏽

  5. Pradeep Bhojwani

    Consider many things before coming to any conclusion or making a sense from these videos folks. Like if something really terrible happens and u must move out, then it’s a different thing altogether. But if u don’t like somebody, u must actually team
    Up with that person and as Deepak says evolve through that mirror of relationship and sometimes surrender to uncertainty.
    So my take is Do what u don’t like, and team up wid ppl u don’t like n still try to conduct everything lovingly n joyfully, u will see u will break many many barriers. Good for your spirituality.

  6. Johanna Leon

    When are you going to send me the money for the damages all this 8 years to me ???

  7. Doubting Thomas

    Darrah, my father is Jewish, my mother is German, and (drum roll, please) I’m also related to the Westboro Baptist Church folks. I also had a great uncle who actually met Hitler. “Everything happens for a reason and the power of uncertainty.” You two could be on to something here!

  8. Doubting Thomas

    Yes, my father is Jewish, my mother is German, and I am also a Phelps, and thus I’m related to the Westboro Baptist Church people; AND my great uncle Jacob actually met Hitler. He was with the U.S. diplomatic service, and he had been stationed in Berlin during the 1930s. He was transfered to England in 1940, and would show up in Israel in 1948. He was in Moscow when Stalin died. Darrah, Stalin died on Purim. The last time I saw uncle Jacob was Christmas Eve, sometime during the 80s. There’s a reason for all of this; now, if I could only be certain of what that reason is!

  9. Doubting Thomas

    I know there are reasons for this, too, but uncertain as what the reasons are: My older sister, who is a staunch Trump supporter, once delivered a fur coat to Hillary Clinton. Her mother-in-law made it. I have a photograph of my maternal grandfather, shaking hands with King George VI: June, 5th., 1944, coast of England. My maternal grandfather was of German ancestry, and on this date he had just giving a speech to assembled American and British soldiers and sailors. The following day he helped launch the Naval bombardment of Normandy against the Nazis. I went to see ‘The King’s Speech’ with his daughter (my Mom) a few years back. My great uncle Jacob was also from my maternal side: He encountered Hitler on a number of occasions during the 30s’, Winston Churchill in London during the War, and ended up in Israel in 1948. Darrah, did you know that the name ‘Tel Aviv’ means ‘springtime hill’? My parents would divorce shortly after I went to see the original movie version of Mel Brooks’ ‘The Producers’.

  10. Doubting Thomas

    And there is a reason why I am also related to the Westboro Baptist Church, for I am also a Phelps. My mother is German with some English roots, and one of those roots is Phelps (my father is Jewish). I am named after a Phelps on my mother’s side who was a Naval Officer in The U.S. Navy. He married a Jewish woman. She is buried beside him in Arlington National Cemetery. On top of her grave is a large Christian cross. They were very much in love, and had a great marriage. She converted to Christianity in order to marry him-willingly! G-d does work through love; we can be certain of that sometimes. Sometimes, that is. Why?

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