Your body language reflects your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. TAO TAO

    Lovely topic! Thank you for this. ♥️

  2. Harsha Khandelwal

    Always love your discourse! They are so enlightened.. Really

  3. Harsha Khandelwal

    Amazing learning and great content

  4. Elsie Pells

    Thank you it is always inspirational to listen to you. Appreciate the shared wisdom and time.

  5. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  6. Claudia Cruz

    Deepak Chopra … my total admiration and respect to the beautiful soul you are… 🙌🏽

  7. Honestmicky

    Hi Deepak, how are you doing on this nice day? Thank you for this wonderful lesson, much appreciated. I love your daily chats. Have a very good and peaceful day my friend : )

  8. jerzy kunowski

    recently psychology recognized ,, smiling depression,, it mean outside somebody shows happy face, but inside is suffering.

    1. Zee T

      Interesting topic to expand.

  9. stormnstress

    Thank you for sharing your time .
    A long spine is a correct posture.
    A deep inhalation breath followed by a pause and a long exhalation breath is a cleansing breath. 🙏

  10. Katy Love

    This is sooo good! and this was live? I don’t want to rely on my mind anymore, is that ok? Wanna practice to listen to my body. I want any topic about the wisdom of the body. Is it connected to intuition, heart, or just impulses? Thank you, Deepak for this 😊

  11. Suketa Patel

    Once again….144likes….mine was the 144… about synchronicities! Twice today on your videos. My ego loves it but Its crazy to see this number all day long since two years. Every video You make is opening my eyes wider and wider….please keep going, I am thirsty for knowledge 😇Its so exciting to finally understand and be aware of my conditionings. My story has resurrected so many times. Blessings of love!Thank you.

  12. Bettina Navarro

    Thank you for feeding us every day such a precious knowledge!

    Love you forever Deepak !!!

  13. chiefamylee

    Thank you!

  14. Paula Clements

    Thank you! Deepak

  15. Vivek Chintamani

    Body language seems to be subconsciously influenced by the dominance of what’s usually known as the mind, on the collective energy structure.

    1. Magda 13


  16. M New

    So glad you are back in 2020 with daily input and wisdom for us. I need this, it is my spiritual food !

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  18. Ricardo Mercado

    Welfie is the future! Yes! Thank you. Looking forward to more.

  19. Zee T

    What about walking and standing?

  20. Maria Debono

    Hello! 😊 from maria

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