Your Soul never incarnates and your body is not physical

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. The Chopra Well

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    1. Tania Maria dos Santos

      I am at a loss for words to express the immense gratitude and immeasurable joy for having “seen” and “heard” this broadcast. thank you, a thousand times for your “existence” since always. I love you !!!! Please inform the time and day of the next meeting. I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    2. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      I look forward to purchasing your book. Dr. Wayne Dyer brought me to you. For this I am grateful sir.

    3. surojeet chatterjee

      What ur saying is already mentioned as Adwaita vedanta philosophy. Ur not saying nothing new. Maya or matrix or illusion.
      But reincarnation happens due to samskara and karma as next maya due to maya of previous karma. It’s complete physics. Get a taste of enlightenment u will know.

    4. surojeet chatterjee

      U r the subject, rest r appearing as object. Object is a receiver, consciousness is the subject appearing as interacting but it’s a mistake of us like matrix. Nothings interacting it’s not possible. So everything is consciousness. Reincarnation happens as no blow is unjust as vivekanand said.

  2. Ingrid Johana

    Yes, I would like you explain that topic in a different ways, like giving examples from your own experiences, for example. Thank you.

  3. Marcela Carmona

    It would never be repetitive or redundant, it is always a reminder and for some people new information. Please continue doing it until it get impregnated into us

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Thank you ! Then I will ! Love

    2. Nanette Peraino

      @Deepak Chopra Repetition, the first law of learning. A zillion blessings!!

  4. Shahed Chy

    Pls stop ads… It’s disturbing to concentrate.

    1. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      @TheSamuiman Thank you! Namaste 🕉

    2. maria milio

      All these adds are extremely distracting and it discourages watching … it is a difficult subject to understand and the distractions make it even more difficult for me

    3. TheSamuiman

      @maria milio Get Firefox and with it the Add On “AdBlocker” no more Ads!!!! I use it since years – wonderful!

    4. RD 1

      YouTube vanced, Google it.

    5. Hans Ludwig

      the ADS maybe pay for the video

  5. Maria Bentele

    loving gratitude <3

  6. Janet McGowan

    Hi Deepak. Bought most of your books over the past decade in search of truth. Thank you for all , I thought I woke up a few years ago and then through self enquiry found out the truth. Awareness recognized awareness, but conditioning remains. Still there is bliss Sat Chit Ananda. There is also contraction, so any help in trancending is most welcome. Much l❤️ve and appreciation. Namaste 🙏🌹x

  7. KAM

    I would really enjoyed a video about the soul in relationship to consciousness. I find the word soul confusing. Thank you :))

  8. John Rountree

    It’s all very good to me Depak, because the deep conditioning within me, and because of the constant societal conditioning that continues around me, I am kind of relying on you to help me reset to the truth every day.

  9. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you .

  10. Ewa ŻMUDA

    I Love these repetitions. Every Time they reach deeper layers..
    Thank You Deepak

    1. Tania Maria dos Santos

      I agree!!!!

  11. Angus Salmon

    Ads every 3 or 4 minutes disturb the great message.

    1. TheSamuiman

      Get Firefox Broweser and use ADD ON AD Blocker adds free!!

    2. Bob Crudele

      Yes, I agree. It is very annoying, but maybe use the few seconds of the commercial to process what he just said?

    3. Jeff Royer

      Your perception and reaction to the add will help you evaluate your own life experience. Objectively I would say you are operating from contracted awareness lol haha

  12. Aastha Awasthi

    Hy thankyou sir for sharing these amazing insights with all of us.!
    Lots of blessings and love💐😄

  13. Ariadne Afaganis

    I have know this my whole life. I am everything, I am nothing…no reincarnation, because I did not go anywhere……..But humans appearing outside of me had other ideas about me……hahahahaha…and the plot thickens…Thank you Deepak I will listen to this many times, and buy your book!

  14. Coaching 4 Life

    This makes so much sense! And explains alot with regard to what I had been experiencing in my perceived life story. It’s like a faint memory or understanding is returning as I hear these reminders✨Thank you for sharing💎💕

  15. Nanette Peraino

    I’ve been following you since the 80’s and still find that repetition of these profound principles are needed and is absolutely perfect.

  16. Steve H

    If our soul never incarnates, then the whole notion of rebirth in Hinduism is wrong

    1. Radha Sen

      Steve H
      I do not agree with his mind boggling theories..
      How do we know things exist?
      We feel the air as a breeze..
      We touch and know an object exists..
      Ask a blind person..
      We smell and we know..
      As for souls not incarnating..
      Everything in nature is recycled and sent back to earth..
      Energy matter is never wasted.
      Only Deepak Chopra knows what he is talking about..
      A volley of words that makes no sense.
      To understand life once has to feel it experience it and absorb it and being amidst nature teaches you all you need to know.

    2. Magda 13

      Sorry but the rebirth thing is a BS 🙂

  17. mirry -

    So how to deal with the physical body’s pain, how to solve when I feel my back is aching non-stop chronically.


      That’s the thing with the $Guru’s. All information and no practical applications. 🙂

    2. acl

      I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different mantras. I’ve found the mrityunjaya mantra has relieved almost all of my back pain.


      @acl sometimes back pain is simply caused by untrained muscles and bad posture and attending to these fixes the “problem’ permanently. This was the case with me and I haven’t had back pain for 30 years now…

    4. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      You learn specific meditations. I have found one on YouTube that I use to assist chronic pain. There are other guided meditations to help with this. Does it take work? Absolutely. Worth it? Yes.

      The other I have used is remembering a time when you felt whole and without pain. Imagining yourself in meditation in this state. It helps. Your thoughts build your reality. He provides information here on a topic.

      If you are not open to learn no one can help you. If you are open to understanding then no one can stop you.

      Dr. Wayne Dyer helped me. Jason Stephenson has good mindfulness guided meditations through YouTube. I hope this helps you. Meditation can change your life. It saved mine

    5. Shantha Lakshmi

      @Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring thank you

  18. Karyn Taylor

    I suppose that goes along with all the latest findings in physics…sadly the mere mention of
    the word brings up fluctuating thoughts of its own for some: the excitement of sleepless nights spent pouring over abstract concepts juxtaposed with the facing of the more ‘practical’ workaday world: of school, factory. or the office…( i.e. the possibility of unemployment or failure) for example

  19. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    I love you Deepak! You have changed my perception. One day I will be abke to watch live. It makes sense. No.. Body. I like that. Our senses of awareness are fascinating. Neural Correlates as well. Fascinating sir.

  20. pk Osb

    Hard to understand. Because pain sure feels real! Physical, emotional and so on.
    I know mainstream science is BS. That’s why this is so interesting! Truth is truth!
    Thanks 🕊

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