Discovering the Properties of Herbs

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00:00 intro
00:45 what are your steps to making sure you are buying edible herbs for kitchen witchcraft?
01:32 how do you find the line between which parts of your practice you share online and what you keep private?
02:27 would love to know how you and hazel are settling in the city life
03:14 where do you buy your beeswax from?
04:08 have you found it difficult finding your footing as a witch in the city?
05:34 do you feel like other people’s energy seeps into your space, since everyone is packed so tightly together in the city? How do you combat that feeling?
07:05 What’s your opinion on what reason herbs are used and is there a definitive reference guide that’s right?
10:45 what’s the first remedy you learnt to create?
11:16 do you have any tips for feeling connected to nature while living in the city?
12:44 have you found any small, cute little shops that you’ve fallen in love with?
14:34 maybe if you feel comfortable talking about your queerness just how that’s going and since when you knew?
16:27 what made you move to the city over cabin life?
19:08 what is the biggest challenge in adapting to Washington so far? do you miss home?
21:13 if you could have any one item from skyrim, what would it be?
or what about city life is what you expected? what is different than you thought?

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