How to Protect from Psychic Attacks, Evil Eye, Curses & more | Step by Step Ritual + Recipe

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Hello everyone! In today’s video, I am showing you step by step how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, evil eye, curses, etc and how to maintain that protection long after working this spell.

Bonus, I share my own personal Black Salt recipe and altar set up for breaking any links between you and negative energy/intentions

All the timestamps to the recipes, altar set up, tips & tricks are linked down below!

I pray you all to have a beautiful thanksgiving (if you celebrate the holiday) and that you all stay healthy and blessed 🙏

Sending you love and virtual hugs from my family to yours 💛

Important disclaimers: @2:51
Personal Black Salt Recipe: @7:16
Protection Altar set up: @13:40
How to maintain protection after spell work: @16:50

The name of the doctor I mentioned in the video is the biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton

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Additional tips ➡️
-I forgot to add in a powerful way to break a curse is to work at your altar (shown in video) everyday by either burning a candle, making intentions, meditating, etc for 33 days. The longer you work with this protection spell the more powerful it is and depending on the severity of the intentions thrown your way, like a generational curse, for instance, the more time and energy you invest into the removal of this energy the more effective you are.
-the black salt mixture can be discretely added to any space. Can be placed in the four corners of the home or a specific room. Under your bed, in your vehicle, it can also be used to cast a circle before spell work.
-of course, limit the number of people you tell about any manifestation or spell work you do. Spirituality is the connection between you and the spirit realm and should be kept sacred and intimate. The tighter your spiritual circle the better 🤗
-Great tip one of you mentioned is iodized salt has a lot of chemicals in it so if you can substitute it with sea salt, kosher salt, or anything more organic it’ll be healthier! Thanks for the tip Krystal Rose 💛

Leave any additional tips, comments & questions down below for me and others! Thanks in advance 🔮

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