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One of the most commonly requested spells I receive is that of a protection spell (most commonly in the form of a protection spell bag). So today I thought I would sit down and take a moment to craft one to share with you all!
As always I am very drawn to simple spellwork as I find they are most accessible for a wide variety of people and not to mention – very easy to alter! So I hope you all enjoy and give it a try with your own twists as needed!

A Cloth Pouch – preferably white (decorate with runes or symbols as you see fit)
Bay Leaf – commonly worn as a protective herb
Blackberry Thorns – one of my favorite ingredients for protection spells
Burdock Root – very commonly added to spell bags for protection
Black Thread (optional) – used to decorate the pouch with protective symbols or runes and to tie it off
Crystals or Stones (optional) – I personally didn’t use any but feel free to if you so wish

Other Ingredient Recommendations or Substitutions (not a completed list):
Chrysanthemum, cinnamon, dill, elder, fennel, geranium, holly, huckleberry, juniper, lavender, lilac, mugwort, nettles, thistle, and witch hazel

To Make:
Begin by cleansing the area or grounding yourself – really anything that you normally do before preforming spellwork to get in the right headspace. Personally I cleansed the area and my ingredients with the smoke from a cedar bundle and spent a moment grounding myself to the energy I created
Start by decorating the spell bag with whatever symbols or runes you see fit – this is an optional step but one I like to do for spell bags that could use a bit more power
Then take a good handful of each herb and infuse your intent into them before placing them into the spell bag. Or as depicted here you could place each herb, after infusing your intent, into a bowl together, spend another moment infusing intent as you mix them all together, then placing them into the spell bag
For those of you that struggle with infusing intent you may also write down your intent or draw it out and place that into a bowl with your herbs to infuse intent that way before adding this to the spell bag
Once your ingredients are all in the bag, tie it off with the black thread and spend another moment infusing your energy to it and entangling them together
Then simply carry it with you whenever you feel the need to have an added bit of protection around you.
A spell bag like this will work as a preventative ward to keep negative and dangerous energies and situations at bay.

I hope you all enjoy and have a lovely day!

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