Simple Witchcraft and Everyday Practices

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Today I thought it would be nice to share with you all a handful of simple practices that I’ve been following lately. Often times I see beginners getting caught up in the complexities of the craft only to lose interest or they get too confused to move forward and so I wanted to share with you all an example of how it’s possible to infuse simple acts of magick into your every day thus creating a magickal life for yourself without the burden of large scale practices. There will always be a time and a place for larger rituals and spells but it isn’t really all that feasible for many of us to follow that on the daily and that’s perfectly okay – actually even more than okay! Living a magickal life doesn’t have to be difficult, you don’t have to know everything right away, and you can take your time to do things slowly or simply at a speed that makes you most comfortable. Besides, there is still a great deal of power in simplicity.

I have been waiting to post this video as currently in my country and many countries all over the world we are fighting for the basic human rights of our black citizens and I thought it would be best for my content to pause for a moment so that the voices that need to be heard could be heard. Please click the links up above to help support the black lives matter movement in any way you possibly can. Thank you.

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