Traditional Witchcraft, a Journey Through Time

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“The Craft”, as it was called, is a Journey through time.  The traditions of the “Old Ways” would be lost to time if not for the practice of Traditional Witchcraft by those that hold on to the way it was for hundreds of years.

The History of Traditional Witchcraft

The Traditional Witch is a walking encyclopedia to the history of the Craft. The Old Ways of pre-Christian spirituality.  They do not put as much into the belief of God and Goddess in their practice, but are more inclined to call on the Spirit World for help and inspiration. The Land Spirits, the Ancients, and Spirits passed on.

They work very closely with astrology, the cycles of the moon, the positions of the planets and stars, with ancient symbology, runes, natural herbs, and alchemy.

Traditional Witchcraft is drawn to both the dark and the light. They may work healing for one, and for the next, they will do banishing spells, hexes, binding and repelling spells, house and land blessings and spiritual exorcisms.

Traditional Witches Law or lack thereof

Unlike Wiccans and many other Pagan Belief Systems, the Traditional Witch does not abide by the “Wiccan Rede or the “Three-Fold Law”. They understand these laws, but it does not stop them from their work of light or dark magick, nor does it stop them from “harming none”.  However, they are uber aware of their responsibility in wielding the powers of light and dark and take special consideration of any karma or retribution that could follow them. Or a hex or curse that may reverse.

These witches will induce trances through rattles, drums, dance, chanted, meditation and intoxication through tinctures and herbs to journey to and from the spirit world. Their use of “flying ointment” to transverse the veil could be where common folk picked up the idea that they can fly on their brooms.

Beliefs of the Traditional Witch 

The attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena is called “Animism”. This is very much the belief of these witches. That a supernatural power animates and controls the material universe. Everything on Earth, be it rock, creature or plant, has a spirit.

In Traditional Witchcraft, there are three Worlds of existence.

  • The UnderWorld, that consists of those you have died and await reincarnation, or are poltergeists that do not know that they have passed, or spirits that choose not to ascend into the light.
  • The MiddleWorld, which is the here and now, the realm of the living.
  • The UpperWorld, or ethers, where souls or spirits who have ascended from their bodies, and exist without sustenance, the recharging of the spirit with life, food and drink. Or spirits that were never bound to the physical world of form.

Traditional Witchcraft also believes heavily in the power of curses, hexes, and superstitions.

They are neither a good witch or a bad witch. 

But for certain, they are not one to be trifled with.

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