What is Numerology Divination?

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the divination of numbers 0-9, and each number has a significant meaning it, and energy around it.  Numerology divination is a method to understanding your Mission in life, from day to day, month to month or year to year. It can be used to ascertain your Life Path, Major Changes and Challenges to be faced in the near future, right down to your Lucky Numbers to go play Lotto with.

Science and Mathematics go hand-in-hand. Without Numerology we could not make sense of the Universe around us or within us. It is how we can determine our place and role in the Cosmos. 

What can Numerology Divination do for us?

The date and exact time of your birth reveal more than can be imagined through your personalized numerology. Natal charts and biorhythms can assist you throughout your lifetime and can be a valuable tool in deciding our paths in careers and relationships. 

How does Numerology work?

Absolutely everything in the universe; be it organized or (what would appear to be) utter chaos, keeps a specific order. Numerology is a means to calculate and divinate these energies by finding the numerical values and how they impact our lives. Everything that can be in the material world can hold a numeric value. 

Your name, your birthday, your phone number, your credit card numbers, your IP Address to your computer, what number child you are in your family, your license plate number; this list goes on and on. They all hold a numeric key to their place in your Life Path. Through Numerology as a tool for divination, can assist you in keeping things not only in perspective but also their importance for your focus and expenditure of energy towards them.

The Key to Unlock the Hidden Number and Meaning to Your Birth Date

To utilize Numerology as a tool of divination, and find your true potential, you need only to add up the digits to your date of birth.  Let’s say you were born on October 28, 1956. 

Here is the method to follow.

Numbers are first added as they appear in their natural groups

So 10/28/1956 = the addition of 10 + 28 + 1956

(1+0) + (2+8) + (1 + 9 + 5 +6) add the numbers in parentheses first, then add them together.

(1) + (10) + (10 + 11) continue reducing down to single digits

1 + 1 + (21)

1 + 1 + 3

= 5

Numerology Divination Meanings

1- The Visionary. Harmony, self-esteem, strength, creativity, determination, People with this number can be great leaders.

2- The Integrator. duality, sensitivity, intuitive. People with this number are gentle, artistic and empathetic.

3- The Doer. The go-getter, one to take immediate action. People with this number are clever, well-disciplined and enthusiastic.

4- The Realist. Stable, orderly, non-materialistic. People with this number are constant, sensible and realistic.

5- The Orator. Speaker, communication with others. People with this number are energetic, pleasure-seekers, quick-thinking and quick-tempered.

6- The Mediator. Creativity, imaginative and a Peacekeeper. People with this number are reliable and passionate. 

7- The Wizard. Spiritual, philosophical, and original in thought. People with this number are intuitive and often quiet.

8- The Entrepreneur. Will Power, individualistic and distinctive. People with this number are deeply intense.

9- The Activist. Perfectionists, humanitarian, Advocate and bound and determined. People with this number are fearless, defenders of truth.

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