What Witchcraft Supplies should always be on-hand?

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Every good practicing Witch should have certain Witchcraft Supplies on-hand at all times.

One never knows what spell or ritual may be needed at a moment’s notice.

Or a frantic call from a not-so-good Witchy friend that needs you in 20 minutes for a ritual because they didn’t have any supplies on-hand.

The Craft

As much of “The Craft” is all about Thoughts, Words, and Deeds; there are some material supplies that sort of go along with all that, to make it a true ritual for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The Mind wraps around things better if it has something in the Material World to associate it to.


Some very basic tools of the Craft are the things found and used on the Witch’s Altar

  • Statues of the God and Goddess
  • Chalice and plate (used for cakes and ale)
  • Illuminator Candle (used to light spell candles and bless by fire)
  • God and Goddess Candle (stand-alone representations of deity)
  • The Cardinal Directions – Representation of the Elements
    • North – A bowl of Sand, Dirt, Shells or Seeds – Earth
    • East – incense, or feather – Air
    • South – Candle – Fire
    • West – Bowl of Water – Water 
  • Pentagram
  • Athame
  • Cauldron


Here are the supplies you should always have on-hand to be able to do most any spell or ritual at a moment’s notice.

You may want to purchase different colors for the different work to be done. 

  • Red:-Courage, Strength, Passion and Root Chakra
  • Pink:- Love and Friendship
  • Orange – Creativity, Emotions, Justice and Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow – Joy, Renewal and Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green – Heart, Health, Prosperity, Growth and Heart Chakra
  • Blue – Peace, Calming, Healing and Throat Chakra
  • Violet – Insight, Wisdom, Higher-Self and 3rd Eye Chakra
  • White – Divine Spirit, Angel Invocation, Divination, and Crown Chakra
  • Silver – Goddess Invocation and Dreams
  • Gold – God invocation and Increased Wealth

A bit of advice about buying spell candles:

Just around the end of September, check out the Dollar Stores for Hanukkah Candles to go on Sale. They are the perfect cheap spell candle: they come in a box of dozens, multi-colors and burn for nearly an hour. 🙂

  • Matches for your Illuminator Candle which you use to light your spell candles from.
  • Holy Water which is whatever you perceive that to be. It can be from a church, the ocean, a favorite lake, just not from the tap.
  • SALT your representation of Earth, and also for designating sacred, blessed or protected space. Do not use table Salt, Earth Salt. It is far better to use Sea Salt, as it is pure and holds much more of Earth’s Energies within it.
  • Nature from Earth – Representations for doing specific work:
    •  Oakleaf, bark or branch – Protection, Strength, and Power
    • Jasmine – Love, Kindness, Affection
    • Basil – Release, Riddance of Unwanted
    • Thyme – To Activate Intention
    • Acorns – Life and Immortality
    • Sage – Longevity, Good Health and smudge for clearing sacred space
    • Rose Petals– Love and matters of the heart
    • Cinnamon Stick– Psychic work, Cleansing
    • Lavender – Overcoming Negativity and Mistrust
    • Basil – Good Riddance and Releasement
    • Elderberries – Protection against ill intent, evil and negative energy
  • Parchment or special paper for writing out spells
  • String or Twine for Binding Spells
  • Smudge this could be Sage or Sweetgrass to burn.  Some practitioners use all sorts of herbs for this.  You can also use spray smudge if burning doesn’t resonate with you.  Rose Water is very popular for this.

The more Witchcraft Supplies you have on-hand, the quicker you can do your Magick!

The quicker that is done with Ease and Grace, the more attention is paid to the Intention, rather than having to run around town finding things that could have already been stocked for just such an occasion.

With Harm to None – Do as Ye Will

So Mote it BE

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