7 Signs You Are Channeling

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Are you already Channeling? Channeling sounds mystical and esoteric. But many people have opened to channel without even realizing it!

Find out if you have already started to channel without recognizing it!

How many of these 7 Signs of Intuitive Channeling have you experienced?

Comment below and let me know if you’ve experienced any of these signs of channeling!

If you have… It absolutely means you can further develop as a channel.

Ready to take your Channeling ability to the next level?

Transcription of this video here:

“Hey, Melanie Beckler here… In this video, we’re going to talk about channeling. And specifically, I have seven ways that you can recognize if you have already opened to intuitive channeling ability.

So channeling is first and foremost, speaking the messages of divine love.

We are all in every moment connected to the divine and connected to the infinite. And we have an incredible amount of support, love and guidance available in the higher realms of spirit. Channeling is when you deliberately and consciously tune into that guidance and allow it to flow through you.

You’re also able to channel healing energy, creativity, as well as profound wisdom and divine light.

I’ve already made a video about the three types of channeling I will link to in the description if you haven’t already checked that out.
Because in this video, we’re going to dive into signs that you are an intuitive channel signs that you’ve opened to channeling intuitively with or without knowing it.

So intuitive channeling is essentially when the stream of thoughts, the message of divine guidance, the stream of divine love connects with you in the moment, and you begin to flow it intuitively often without even realizing it, because it inter mixes with your own stream of consciousness.

And really, depending on who you are what you are channeling, this is an opportunity to live in alignment more with the truth of you channeling your true divine nature, channeling your highest divine light and highest Divine Self through this living in the channeled state, which means living in alignment with the path of love with your mind clear in your heart open.

So you’re clearly able to reflect the higher light of Spirit through your life. And through the words you speak and the energy you allow to flow through you.

So the seven signs that you already are intuitively channeling you already know how to channel, whether or not you realize that.
The first sign is that you find yourself flowing, speaking, or writing divine guidance, messages of love, comfort, inspiration, and wisdom that you haven’t fully aligned with at a conscious level.

This may come about when you’re talking to someone, and your stream of thought is going in one direction. And then suddenly, this divine guidance and brilliance begin to flow through you.
And deep down you know and recognize that what you’re saying or what you’re writing is truth.

And yet you don’t know how you know it, or perhaps even where exactly it’s coming from, with discernment. And through developing your ability as a channel, you can learn to identify the source, which is really a key factor in recognizing whether that guidance is trustworthy and should be acted upon.

But at first, it is normal for it to just start flowing through. So that’s the first sign that you already are channeling. It’s that you’ve just gotten in that flow of streaming guidance for you beyond your logical comprehension…”

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  1. Emilie Shane

    Wonderful I’ve done this always ❤️

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! Hope this brought you some clarity ✨💛😇

    2. Emilie Shane

      Yes it does. I’ve been doing this since I’ve been a little girl. Just discovered my wings and it’s all just wonderful ❤️ Any guidance is so appreciated. Much love to you ❤️

  2. Flower of Life z

    I’ve been talking about you to my wife and kids; and the most receptive is my little 5 year old Agnes, she is really into crystals. And she is now programming even old plastic bottoms that looklike crystals let’ssee what happensnow with channeling…. her B Day will be April the 1st.. I’ll look for some crystals for her… it will be the divine timely gift… thanks for all the love you share … we love when you were talking to your beloved indigo gabbro in the prev video… love light and gratitude to you and Miles … enjoy!🌈

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah thats so awesome! Thanks for sharing this with me!!! So much love and gratitude to you!!! 💜😇✨🙏

  3. Robert S

    Unconditional love and peace to everyone Namaste 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️🌏

    1. Vivian Walsh

      Yes, Melanie. I wish to hear more information on Chanelling ! Thanks for this . Grateful, Vivian Walsh

    2. Nakis Christofer

      Channel energy is an old practice of secrecy. Demons use energy as one of the ways they can move from place to place. They use this energy to move from person to person, person to object, etc. It is a form of magic and it is not a practice that brings a person in alignment with the Spirit of God. Even meditation is a form of moving energy as you try to move your energy in a particular direction, thought, or process to gain something. That’s magical. By doing these Eastern spiritual practices, you align yourself with the kingdom of darkness.

  4. Seshat Maat

    YES!!!!! There’s no coincidence that I just seen this video! This morning my LIGHTWORKER code has been on high alert! From seeing 9:11 to writing about ascension to talking about The Power of Meditation with OM & 528Hz! I decided to post it on social media. Some still think something is wrong with me. However, aftering seeing this video, I know I did the correct thing by posting it! Namaste IG/ Facebook: A Soul Recharged

    1. YourSpiritualMermaid Elizabeth Jasmine

      yesssss ive been seeing 911 like crazy as well!!!!

    2. Channeling Science

      Oh I relate to that feeling of both the urge to deliver the truth and the anxious feel8ngs around it

  5. Archangel Arrogante

    Nice to know that I’ve been correct this whole time. I’ve been channeling and receiving guidance from Angels and source since I was a child. I’ve always been that person who just knows things and I’ve never studied…felt like i should have had a worse stage beard as a kid lol. Thank you for another great video Melanie! 🙂

  6. John Spence

    Hi Melanie, love the timing of this video after the conversation WE have just had 😊💙😊

  7. Teri Kish

    My favorite part of channeling is when the person starts to get the “goosebumps” … They start to relax and say can you feel that? Then it’s like the frequency adjusts and the message starts to flow from me. At first I would question the thoughts that would pop in and it would just stop. When I relax and just be, the messages come and who am I to decide what the meaning is…. then it flows, the other person is left feeling peaceful, calm & so loved♡ I feel the same, a little hungry or tired but so loved♡ Namaste Melanie … you are so loved 💚

  8. Lisa Emery

    Absolutely… I just lost my brother and I know that I have been able to talk to him…. and BTW I am definitely not crazy… I hear him …. Namaste 🙏, peace love and light ☮️🙏😇

    1. Bo Beena

      YESSSSS please

    2. May

      Both of my big brothers have crossed over..and I still have conversations with them too 💞 it’s not crazy it’s just love and connection..the bond of love. One time I was crying and said “it hurts so bad to miss you” and I clearly heard and felt my brother beside me saying “your not allowed to miss me, I’m right here” and I know that because I can feel them sometimes.. and I still take them on adventures with me..and I still get advice on how to drive lol! “Please check your oil/tyres” 😏 and I still miss them, it just doesn’t hurt as deeply as it used to.
      I say this because I want others to be comforted and know that when you miss your loved ones their beautiful souls are still there with you, that these things are very real and possible for you too. Love to you.
      Namaste 🙏🦋💕

    3. Channeling Science

      I believe you. I often channel even living people. My accent and entire energy changes when it happens

    4. Nakis Christofer

      Channel energy is an old practice of secrecy. Demons use energy as one of the ways they can move from place to place. They use this energy to move from person to person, person to object, etc. It is a form of magic and it is not a practice that brings a person in alignment with the Spirit of God. Even meditation is a form of moving energy as you try to move your energy in a particular direction, thought, or process to gain something. That’s magical. By doing these Eastern spiritual practices, you align yourself with the kingdom of darkness.

  9. Phyllis Nagle

    Thank you Melanie, I too have experienced most of these.. beautiful!!
    Yes …

    1. Zanipher Boodhai

      Melanie i am leaving good bye

    2. Zanipher Boodhai

      I send you 2 email and they not sending it to you ok

  10. YourSpiritualMermaid Elizabeth Jasmine

    Been feeling confused about my abilities but i recently started getting really drawn to angel cards …. randomly just went on Live on instagram and did angel readings (without even studying the cards first) and it was an amazing experience… gave so many people so much clarity and was super accurate and i was so surprised because i didnt even know what i was doing!!! i just wanted to help people!! its clear to me now that thats what i was doing !!! thank you for this video!!

  11. Becoming☆humble

    Im new in everything. New subscriber. I believe i ve been guided to be here. Thankyou n sending Love & Light to you. 💛💚💖

    1. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

      Being☆humble You have been. Explore her site if guided. Her guided meditations were a big open eyed starting point in quieting my mind for me. Much love! 🙏❤️

    2. Becoming☆humble

      @Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro thankyou so much💛💛💛 yes i ve downloaded her guide meditation aswell. N keep watching her videos for my growth. Love&Light

    3. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro

      Being☆humble Same to you. As a visual learner guided meditations are quite effective. Melanie is amazing. Love.and gratitude. 🙏❤️

  12. Michael H

    Hey Melanie, thanks for another great video. Could you do a video on the meaning of seeing certain numbers like 1’s, 2’s 3’s 4’s ect.. thanks again

    1. Melissa Petrosino

      She already has. Look back in her older videos. Enjoy! They were really good

  13. Pauline Bellaire

    Yes please do a video to develop clear channeling. Thank you for sharing your wisdom

  14. Chonleedonya Odum

    Please make a video about this sister! Your videos have been helping me tremendously! Thank you so much 😊

  15. bakeparadise

    Your energy is beautiful. Also, something I noticed while watching this video, I saw a flash of a goddess symbol on your forehead.

  16. Kathy Gadson

    I just had this conversation today…I told my lyft driver that God uses us in every moment to communicate and most times we dont realize it…but we are not forsaken! I know that I channel but it seems random to me…for example I’ll be thinking about something…turn on the tv without changing the channel the person on the screen starts to talk about what I was already thinking…or it could be a person that begins talking about what is on my mind w/out prompting from me…

  17. Romy Judith Spoor

    This I have many , many years and know it’s true what I get and what I write ,.. it’s so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Silvia Soux

    I know I am a channel and I would like to learn more. Thank you for you teachings and advice. Blessings

  19. Susana Cabaco

    Yes dear Melanie, we are waiting for the new video for developing clarity as a channel. Angel blessings into your heart, beautiful soul. Take care!

  20. Kalimat Adaeva

    You are such a beautiful light being . 🦄🕉✡
    Some of the things happened to me and recently i expressed so much desire to channel galactic brothers and God . You beautifuly unfold so much truth.

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