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Discover the 7 Top Protection Crystals that seriously work like magic to protect you from all sorts of negativity, electromagnetic frequencies, thoughtforms, entities, and detrimental energies…

Learn the 7 Top Crystals for Protection Now!

Each of these protection stones is included for different reasons…

Not all protection stones and crystals work the same. Also when it comes to choosing the best crystals for you, I always recommend honoring your intuition, and which of these you are most drawn to and naturally resonate with.

However, I do share in this video the type of protection these different crystals offer, so you can take that into account and choose accordingly whether you’re looking for crystals for protection against spirits, protection from negative energy, mental protection and shielding against negative thoughtforms, or if you’re looking for something more generally protective and supportive of your physical vessel… There are stones for that too!

I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to comment and let me know if you enjoy my videos about crystals and want to see more!

There are so many incredible crystals to choose from, so this is of course, not a comprehensive list of stones that offer protection.

These are however my top picks and the stones I cherish having around me for their supportive, and protective energy.

The Stones and Crystals for Protection I feature in this video include:
Black Tourmaline
Indigo Gabbro
Lapis Lazuli
Smoky Quartz

What would you add to this list?

With love, gratitude and bright blessings,


P.S. If you’re looking for crystal jewelry online… I really like shopping here: https://cosmiccurations.com/collections/cosmic-crystals

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  1. Tina S

    Yes please. Would love to see: how to program crystals. Many thanks!

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Awesome! Thanks ✨☀️🌙💜🙏

  2. Kelly Reilly

    Hi Melanie, Great Video here! I think most of us would Love to see a video on how you program your crystals for protection. Thanks for all the information that you freely give!!!

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah you’re most welcome! Programming Crystals for Protection coming soon! ✨☀️🌙💜🙏

  3. Mia

    Yes I would love to know about programming crystals. Also if you can, Can you do a video on sleep paralysis and how to stop them please.. any information about SP will be greatly appreciated

    1. thebamboozlekingbinasjadalalmas

      Miya use drvirtual7 magic removal + other subliminal from drvirtual7 like black magic removal. The sleep paralysis will go away.

    2. Mia

      @thebamboozlekingbinasjadalalmas I’ll try them thank you so much😊😊

  4. Robert S

    Unconditional love and Peace to everyone Namaste 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️🌏

  5. Ronald Kelley

    Thank you Melanie!! You’re research on these crystals is extremely helpful. GOD BLESS SISTER!!😊

  6. Lisa Legg

    Yes I would love to hear about crystals & crystal cleansing from you Melanie!

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Thanks! More on crystals coming soon! 💜✨

  7. The Spirit of the Cosmos

    Awesome video! I have a Labradorite crystal circle I sit in sometimes to ward off negativity. Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline work wonders too. 😇 🙏 ☯️ ☮️
    I also program with intention – something many overlook unfortunately. You have to communicate with crystals or they’ll wonder what the heck you want!!!

    1. Buddha's ChildTv

      Im a beginner thank you for this insightful message.

  8. The Spirit of the Cosmos

    Melanie you’re right about treated crystals. Anything that bombards them with heat or radiation changes their chemical structure and let’s be honest ummm that makes a mutant crystal and who knows what energies they release at that point! 😇 🙏 ☮️ ☯️

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yes… It didn’t come out in the video, but I had planned to say that most treated crystals are actually detrimental… But in a way I do still think I got that point across. Maybe I’ll make a video all about this at some point. 🙂

    2. The Spirit of the Cosmos

      @Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler you nailed it! You treated the topic with kindness and compassion and then gave a warning! Everyone who watches this video will know better thanks to you! 😇 🙏 ☮️ ☯️

  9. Bonnie Lucas

    Yes, please, I’d love more info on programming Crystal’s and Crystal’s in general. Also methods of cleansing if beyond placing in sunlite or moonlight. Thank you as always Melanie for all you do to support & uplift us. Love & Light to you & All! 💜☀️💖🌠🧡🌸💛🕊💙

  10. Maria Maria Jarata

    Yes , I would like learn how to program crystals

  11. Flower of Life z

    You rock! Sweet Melanie…DIVINE TIMING been attracting some crystals to my path for a while..for protection basically… the angels I prayed told you we need that! A bunch of agape love to you and your beloved ones…

  12. Flower of Life z

    You embody the Christ crystal, golden conciosness the way I hope to reach in a few more lives, thank for sharing free your wisdom , you’ll be remembered as one of the heros of the dawn of the new era! Cheers!!!🌈

  13. Claire Walker

    Hi Melanie thank you for your help you give so many people. I would love to learn more about crystals please. Love and Light to you. Xxx

  14. Christine Lu


  15. A KT

    Any source(s) you can link to purchase bigger crystals (like the amethyst you were holding) for a fair price? Every retail of med to large crystals I’ve seen in person is really expensive. I know there has to be more reasonable pricing 😃

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      I bought most of my bigger pieces in person at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show… Which is definitely where the deals are at! But that’s only once a year and you have to travel there… So that can bring the cost up for sure.

      As far as online I have a great source for jewelry here: http://www.ask-angels.com/ana

      And I bought my big pieces of Indigo Gabbro and some other things from this shop… its direct from their own mine so their prices are much better than a lot of what you can find in local shops… They have amethyst too, but not really like the one I show in this video:


  16. ndnative

    yes – a programming crystals video would be very helpful. Thank you for all the beautiful light you share with the world!

    1. LAILAH'S TV


  17. cindyrush

    Hi Melani,
    Yes i would love to have the crystal reenergise ways. Thanks

  18. Courtney Young

    Yes to programming crystals :). Thank you for this video! I’m inspired to get out my crystals and use them again.

  19. CUSDS Conscious Universal Secrets of Divine Self

    Thank you Melanie beckler for who you are and what you do.
    You are appreciated and loved beyond measure, and Your Light is magnificent.
    I would love to know more on programming crystals ❤️😌

    1. Jeevan Jyoti

      Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler please tell me which stone is best to wear if we want to protect from evil or lucifer..

    2. Jeevan Jyoti

      Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler ..love from india..

    3. Ralf Jones_Slug

      Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler, Hi! I want to ask what is the best type of Stone or Cyrtal should really fit for me for Protection Against Evil, Witchcrafts, Entity, Apparitions and Psychic Attacks?? Because my Gun and my Knife is the best tools and my protection against the hatred of Man, as long as they Bleed I’m fine they can die, I Study and Practice Martial Arts and Marksmanship for years and many many years, I also have many combat encounters, Especially my old days in The US Marines. but I have never ever had or have any Sort of Protection for the things that I cannot see with my own eyes, or neither I cannot hurt them back but they can hurt me or probably kill me, I have no Weapons or Protections against them especially Bad Spirits, Evil, Bad Omen, Supernatural Entities, Apparitions, Witchcrafts, Curses and more, anything that my Gun and my Knife is not Effective against them. That’s what really scares terrifies me the most. Please help me. Any Recommendations?? I got to know! Thanks!

    4. Crystal Guru-Guy

      awesome, thanks!

  20. Amber Hartman

    Amazing video great knowledge of my crystals. I would love to learn how to cleanse them

  21. Susan Sherrie Eckstrom

    Yes I would like to learn how to cleanse crystals

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