Archangel Michael Clearing Meditation

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Relax and listen as Archangel Michael assists you in clearing your energy and releasing, illusion, distortion and dense energy cluttering your field in this free Channeled Clearing Meditation with Archangel Michael channeled by Melanie Beckler.

Clearing your energy is an essential step on your awakening path so that the true, harmonious, bright truth of your divine essence can effortlessly shine through all you do.

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  1. Violet Ray Twinflame

    Much needed and very timly 💙🙏 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      You’re most welcome! Love and bright blessings to you 😇💕✨

  2. Denis L

    Thank you! Blessings Melanie!!! 💓

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      You’re most welcome!! Blessings 😇💕✨

  3. j Zen Atkinson

    Thank you so much…May the photonic waves of love, light transform us into the beautiful beings we truly are… Love Wisdom Sovereignty 💙 🕉️☯️…

  4. Soma Devo

    Clearing, healing, refreshing, sustaining, nourishing Love in Beauty blessing all life

  5. Ev C

    Thank you 👍🌻🌸🌹❤

  6. Summer arriving early

    Thank you very much we have to depend on our Angel’s to protect us we can’t rely on anything else until the people that care for us changes. We see it on the news ( failings ) you become stronger and stronger knowing what to do what to say. Have a happy xmas everyone and a great new year.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler


  7. Moon Goddess

    Thank you for this blessing 💚 deep gratitude and love to all ✡️

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Love, gratitude and bright blessings back your way ✨💖😇

  8. Littlesparklingstar

    Melanie, you are beautiful soul! Thank you for spreading Divine Light! 🙂

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      ✨💖😇 Ah, you’re most welcome! Love and gratitude your way

  9. M P

    This was soo so lovely. And soo needed. Thank you Melanie for the love you pour out to all of us

  10. Julia Hobson

    Such a beautiful and loving gift for this time. ❤️🌟✨💥

  11. Katrina Rottmerhusen

    Beautiful!! 💛 Within minutes I went from being overwhelmed & frustrated to utter bliss & peace. Thankyou for this powerful meditation. ☺️

  12. yvonne Fearn

    Thank you So True yes been in the Highest Light with Hundreds of Angels I was told why I am on earth the light was put round me to stay I feel blessed Great I am Love Light Healing Blessings to you Thank you Archangel Michael Love Light

  13. Gemma Rose

    Melanie thank you SO much for this meditation- it really shifted my energy!! Sending LOVE!

  14. Mystic Bluelight

    AND SO IT IS ❤️


  15. Tracy Maysmith

    Beautiful gift, much needed. Im regifting to my loved ones thank you dear Melanie 💜

  16. james aleshire

    I love hearing what Melanie has to say, she’s so amazing and another great channel that’s just as good is ‘ Our 6D Journey’ They’re both So Amazing!!!!!

  17. Mandi Boyd

    Thank you so amazing I felt the energy of Michael and felt so much love I started crying

  18. Letitia Joseph

    Thank you melanie I love you you make me feel so happy this morning you give the fellings thank you

  19. Ria Pati

    Thank you, Melanie, for this beautiful meditation. You are doing such an incredible service. <3

  20. Ole Samuelsen

    Are you shure you Are not The Good Looking Babe That is Arch Angel Michael’s mother? Good and ❤️Loving❤️ God almighty Bless and May The Good and ❤️Loving❤️Holy spirit Bless and May The Good and ❤️Loving❤️ Sacred spirit Bless and May The good and ❤️❤️Loving❤️ Angels Bless ❤️😇❤️Amen.

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