8:8 Lions Gate: New Moon Healing with the Archangels

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Calling in Your Abundance Angels – 28 Days of Miracles:
This is a guided healing with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Uriel.

You will experience a guided meditation and healing with the four Archangels.
You’ll also discover why the Law of Attraction and positive thinking doesn’t work, and what is WAY more powerful.

During this empowering Healing with the Archangels, you will experience:⁠

✨An energy healing ritual with the Archangels to elevate your vibration to love, so you can attract more prosperity in all areas of your life.⁠

✨A powerful shift in your energy so you can feel positive and radiant, no matter who or what is in your environment.⁠

✨A personal connection to the Archangels, so you can call upon your divine helpers any time to heal and protect you.⁠

Plus, you will learn a Universal principle even more powerful than the Law of Attraction to create a joyful, fulfilling life.⁠

You do NOT need to be an “angel person” to benefit from this experience.⁠

This empowering event is for you if you want to:⁠
🌙 Feel more joyful, positive and fulfilled.⁠

🌙Learn how to feel empowered and happy in any environment.⁠

🌙Discover a Universal Law to empower you and uplift everyone around you.⁠

🌙 Transform your sensitivities into your superpowers.⁠

🌙Understand why positive thinking can lead to negative outcomes, and what you can easily do instead.⁠

🌙Connect with the Archangels for healing and protection⁠


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