Angels and the Days of the Week

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The Archangel of Sunday 

Archangel Michael is chief of the archangels and also chief of the order of virtues.  Michael is the angel that rules Sunday.  Sunday is also associated with the Sun and the zodiac sign of Leo.  Leo is the sign of a King, one who is responsible for overseeing a kingdom and the administration of justice. 

This description fits Michael, who ranks as the greatest of all angels in all Abrahamic religions.  He also has been referred to as the angel of the last judgment, the “weigher of souls.” 

The Archangel of Monday

The archangel associated with the Moon and also with Monday is Gabriel.  His name means, “God is my strength.”  As the Moon is associated with feminine characteristics, Gabriel is also associated with women and childbirth.  He has also been associated with giving birth to new and creative ideas. 

Gabriel, the chief ambassador to humanity, is famous for appearing to Mary to announce the immaculate conception of Christ.  In Islam, the prophet Muhammad said that it was Gabriel who recited the Koran to him, giving birth to a new religion.

The Archangel of Tuesday

The angel associated with the planet Mars also corresponds to Tuesday.  Mars is associated with aggression, combat, destruction, and anger.  Sammael is known as the angel of death, the prince of demons, and a magician in rabbinic literature.  In the Zohar, Sammael is the dark angel who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel. 

The Archangel of Wednesday

Raphael, also known as “the shining one who heals,” is associated with the planet Mercury and also rules Wednesday.  Sharing traits with the planet Mercury, Raphael has to do with travel and communication. 

According to Sophy Burnham in A Book of Angels, Raphael is especially concerned with pilgrims on a journey to communicate with God.  In the Book of Tobit, Raphael acts as a guide and companion to Tobit’s son, Tobias.

The Archangel of Thursday

Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter and the angel Sachiel, whose name means, “covering of God.”  Along with being a presiding spirit of the planet Jupiter, Sachiel is also an angel of the order of the cherubim.  He can be invoked from the south and the west. 

Sachiel has also been associated with witchcraft and black magic, being described as a servant of the four sub princes of the infernal empire. 

The Archangel of Friday 

The angel that corresponds to Friday is Anael.  He is chief of the order of the principalities and one of the seven angels of the creation.  He rules over the planet Venus, being concerned with love and sexuality in human affairs.  In Longfellow’s  The Golden Legend, Anael is referenced as the angel of “the Star of Love.” 

The Archangel of SaturdayCassiel rules the planet Saturn and also corresponds to Saturday.  He is also often referred to as the angel of temperance, which can be seen in the traditional tarot. 

Like Saturn, Cassiel is associated with social order and stability. Cassiel serves as one of the princes of the order of powers.  In Francis Barrett’s The Magus, he is depicted as a bearded jinn riding a dragon.

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