POWERFUL Prayer For Abundance And Prosperity!

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Are you cut off from the Flow of Divine Abundance and Prosperity in your life?

This powerful abundance prayer reconnects you with the Divine and clears the blockages keeping you cut off from the flow of Abundance in your life.

Read This Abundance Prayer Here:

Beloved Source of All … The One.
Beloved Solar Logos. Christ. LIght
Beloved Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Holy Spirit…

Thank you.

Thank you for so many blessings in my life.

Thank you for your Infinite Presence of Divine Abundance…

And thank you for now helping me to know and open to experience the Truth of the Unfailing Abundance that is constantly radiating from Source within…

Flowing out to manifest as Abundance and Prosperity for All.

Please forgive me…

For anything, I have done consciously or unconsciously to attempt to limit the Unlimited.

Forgive me for buying into lower illusions and programs of scarcity, separation, and lack.

I ask that you now cleanse and heal in me anything that is blocking me off from the Infinite Divine Flow of Abundance through All of Life.

Locate within me any and all programs, attachments, fears, and limiting beliefs blocking me from experiencing my direct connection with Divine Source, the Source of Divine Abundance for All.

I ask that you cleanse, resolve, alchemize, and transform every level and layer of my being…

Help me open to embody the Divine Consciousness I Am, that is forever manifesting as the true Nature of Abundance throughout All That Is.

Please cleanse, clear, and resolve all limiting beliefs, programs, and patterns in me, keeping me out of alignment, disconnected, and out of touch with Divine Source and the Abundant Possibilities for my life.

Shine the light of Divine Presence, the Love of Divine Abundance, the Presence of Source through my energy fields, and across the lines of time.

Cleanse and resolve any blockages, past traumas, or distortions present in me or in any of my ancestors.

Cleanse any residues of limiting belief, vows or decrees of poverty, and beliefs in lack and separation blocking me off from the abundance that is your true Divine Nature, that is in store, and that also shines in me.

Fill me with the brilliant Truth of Divine Abundance.

Illuminate the Divine Abundance in me that is already a part of my True inner Divine Being…

Help me to fully open to the Divine flow of Abundance.

To fully and vibrantly shine the Divine Light I Am…

Syncing with Divine Presence in my life more so now than ever before…

And opening to the bountiful blessings of Abundance, Prosperity, Love, Presence, and Harmony, as a result.

Thank you…

For the infinite Divine Abundance That Is.

Thank you for helping me to open to this flow, this presence, this truth of Divine Abundance Within me.

To return to Divine Truth and Presence within…

To see and experience the blessings of Abundance and Prosperity around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love you.

And so it is.

The background music that accompanies this Abundance Prayer is from Thaddeus by Sanaya Roman.

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