Angels and the Rays

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The seven great rays of the Universe all have a powerful connection to a corresponding angel.  A ray is a force of energy that when accessed, helps promote positive changes in our lives.  Working with the rays and their correspondences helps connect us with newfound levels of spiritual progression.

Each ray manifests its own color in the physical world, along with emitting its own color on the spiritual plane.  Being able to work with the colors of the rays is a key element in our spiritual evolution.  Each ray has its own archangel connected with it on a vibrational level. 

We can call upon these “Angels of the Rays” to personally help and guide us.  When you call upon any archangel of the rays, it is not unusual to notice a faint fragrance within the air around you. It is said that certain fragrances carry the same vibrational levels as the rays.

Angels and Ray Correspondences

Ray Number One is called the Blue Ray.  It is Archangel Michael’s Ray of protection and power.  With this Ray, the strength of a powerful warrior is combined with a love and tenderness that can fill your entire being.  Connection with this ray can help you to heal and purify your physical body, emotional, and spiritual bodies, thus changing your outlook and attitude to the world around you.

Ray Number One Properties – Love,  Faith, motivation, strength, calm, transformation, harmony, and courage

Ray Number One  Associated Crystals – Blue Kunzite, Blue topaz, and Lapis Lazuli

Ray Number One Associated Fragrances – Cedar, Frankincense, Geranium, Myrrh, Palma Rosa, sage, and tea tree.

Ray Number Two is called the Yellow Ray.  It is Archangel Jophiel’s Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.  When connecting with this Ray, the gifts of love, light, and warmth may permeate every cell of your being, helping you to connect with your soul, which in turn will strengthen your communication with your spiritual guides and your angels.  Through utilizing the strength of this ray, you can learn to appreciate the beauty within others and to cherish the wonders of life.

Ray Number Two Properties – optimism, joy, fun, and knowledge

Ray Number Two Associated Crystals – Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, and Amber

Ray Number Two Associated Fragrances – Cinnamon, Clove, Pine, and Sandalwood

Ray Number Three is called the Pink Ray.  It is Archangel Chamuel’s Ray of Love and Relationships.  When connecting with this Ray, gentle, flowing energy brings warmth to your heart, body, and soul.  It will open up your heart to develop healing gifts and attract you to like minded soulmates.  This ray will help you repair strained friendships and enhance your relationships.

Ray Number Three Properties – hope, intuition, gratitude, tolerance, and compassion.

Ray Number Three Associated Crystals – pink kunzite, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, and the metal silver.

Ray Number Three Associated Fragrances- jasmine, gardenia, hyacinth, rose Otto, and ylang-ylang.

Ray Number four is called the White Ray.  When connecting with this Ray, the loving, powerful energy will help bring accelerated and unprecedented spiritual growth and enlightenment.  This ray will help you to realize and understand your true potential.

Ray Number Four’s Properties- understanding, clarity, creativeness, grace, and purity.

Ray Number Four’s Associated Crystals – Clear white quartz, diamond, and white sapphire

Ray Number Four’s Associated Fragrances – basil, bay, clary sage, nag champa, neroli, and rose

Ray Number Five is called the Green Ray.  It is Archangel Raphael’s Ray of Healing.  This ray combines green, the color of nature, with the radiant power of the Sun to create vitality, truth, beauty, and healing.  It will invite harmony into your life and help keep physical, mental, and emotional energy balanced. 

Ray Number Five’s Properties – humility, flawlessness, communication, intellect, and adaptability.

Ray Number Five’s Associated Crystals – Emerald, green peridot, green tourmaline, and moldavite.

Ray Number Five’s Associated Fragrances – mint, pine, wintergreen, and sage.

Ray Number Six is called the Gold Ray.  It is Archangel Uriel’s Ray of Compassion and peace.  Peaceful, graceful, and full of love, this ray can fill every part of your being with its energy.  Its main focus is to encourage the development and use of spiritual knowledge and energy in order to serve both God and man.

Ray Number Six’s Properties – Serenity, honesty, confidence, courage, and justice.

Ray Number Six’s Associated Crystals – Rutile quartz and the metals yellow and white gold.

Ray Number Six’s Associated Fragrances – cinnamon, chamomile, ginger, and neroli.

Ray Number Seven is called the Violet Ray.  It is Archangel Zadkiel’s Ray of purification and spiritual growth.  The energy of this ray not only focuses on forgiveness, purification, and grace, but its powerful vibrations will help you learn how to open yourself up to become a channel with the angelic realms. 

Ray Number Seven’s Properties – joy, calm, mercy, forgiveness, transformation, and grace.

Ray Number Seven’s Associated Crystals – Amethyst

Ray Number Seven’s Associated Fragrances – Lavender and Lilac

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