Angels and the Seven Heavens

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The concept of the Seven Heavens has its roots in ancient Sumerian and mystical texts.  In Jewish mysticism, the seven heavens are seen as different levels of divine consciousness with corresponding angels governing each realm.  The concept of the seven heavens has been said to also be found in Christian and Islamic texts.  The throne of God is said to be above the seventh heaven in Abrahamic religions.

The Angles and the Seven Heavens in Enochian Magic

This concept is also an integral part of Enochian Magic, where the Magician can move through the different levels of spiritual consciousness through working with Angelic tablets.  By invoking the sounds of the syntax engraved upon the tablets, this brings forth the angel and corresponding realm. 

The Seven Heavens and the Governing Angels

Vilon, also called Shamayim or Shamajim refers to the first heaven.  This is said to be the closest heavenly realm to the earth.  Vilon is home to the astronomer angels, who preside over the stars, and to the angels who control the elements, such as weather and water.  This realm is governed by Archangel Gabriel.  It is described in the Talmud as being “rolled up and down to enable the Sun to go in and out.”

Raqia, also called Rakia, refers to the second heaven.  This realm is said to be where the fallen angels are held prisoner, awaiting the final judgement. It is also said to be the realm where sinners await the day of judgment.  This realm is governed by archangels Zachariel and Raphael. 

Shechakim, also called Shehaqim, refers to the third heaven.  The Second book of Enoch states that both paradise and hell are contained within Shechakim.  Paradise is situated in the Southern half, and souls enter through golden gates.  Hell is said to be located on the Northern side.  This realm is looked over by Angel Anahel and three subordinate sarim, the order of singing angels. 

Zevul, also known as Zebhul (the lofty place,” Isaiah 63:15), refers to the fourth heaven.  This realm is said to be the spiritual place where Jerusalem and the Holy Temple exist.  This realm is ruled over by Archangel Michael.

Ma’on (the “residence” or “dwelling”), refers to the fifth heaven.  Here, God’s praises are sung during the night by choirs of angels.  This realm is governed by Archangel Sandalphon.

Machon (the “habitation” or “resting place,” Deuteronomy 26:15), refers to the sixth heaven.  This is the realm where the Akashic records of the Earth’s history, and every being who ever lived, are stored.  This is said to be the realm of angel Zachiel.  It is described as a stormy and snowy heaven located behind doors of fire.

Aravot, also called Araboth or Arabot (the “clouds,” Psalms 68:5), refers to the seventh heaven.  This realm is said to be the highest heaven that houses the throne of glory.  The throne of glory is attended by the archangels where God dwells.  Underneath the throne lie all unborn human souls.  This realm is governed by Archangel Cassie.

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