Who is Archangel Uriel?

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Known as the Archangel of Wisdom, the Archangel Uriel is one of the 7 most important angels of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Also known as the “Angel of the presence of God”, he holds a special position in heaven, since he has a preferential place next to the throne of the creator.  Next, we will talk about his powers, signs, and ways to attract their energy to your life.

Archangel Uriel: Blessed with the presence of God

The name of the Archangel Uriel represents the creative and expansive force of God.  “The fire of God” brings with it healing energy, capable of promoting spiritual development and the awakening of consciousness.  That light, or spark, that comes with the archangel Uriel, is a gift from God the Father, to help you get the solution or answer to your problems.

Archangel Uriel is usually represented wearing a red cape, the color of fire and will, and a golden outfit, the color of the sun.  In addition, he carries in his hand a scroll as a representation of his wisdom and his ability to record the thoughts and feelings of human beings.  With the strength of the system’s king star the sun, the Archangel Uriel can give you the light you need in a moment of darkness.

The Archangel Uriel in Judeo-Christian Traditions

Let’s just say the archangel Uriel has had sort of a controversial history.  Present in the book of Enoch as one of the 7 archangels, his name was banished from the official Christian religion as a result of the council of Rome. According to the Council, only Gabriel, Michael and Raphael would be recognized. For this reason, the realization of images, prayers, and invocations of this and other archangels was prohibited.

However, his presence was already accepted by both Judaism and Christianity and the Vatican’s measures proved insufficient to eradicate his spiritual energy from the heart of his believers.

Archangel Uriel, Patron of Wisdom

The mission of the archangel Uriel is to protect spiritual development, science and knowledge.  That is why it is believed that he is especially dedicated to protecting those who carry the word of God, teachers, priests, ministers, and preachers.  He also assists those who work in the area of ​​scientific development, philosophy and innovation.

Prayer to the archangel Uriel

As we mentioned before, Uriel protects those who stand for wisdom, spiritual growth, and truth.  That passion for innovation and creativity are callings protected by his wings. All those who need to clarify their ideas, find themselves spiritually and illuminate their path can also find shelter in his mantle.

When you want to invoke the presence of the archangel Uriel in your life, light a yellow candle and focus on the candle flame.  Relax and focus on your breathing. Think about the problems or situations in which you need more clarity. And recite the following prayer:

“Glorious Archangel Uriel, intercede for me and help me feel peace.  Give me the light to end all shadows of doubt. Wrap me in your cloak and renew my will to reach the truth.  Protect me and guide me on the path to eternal life and divine love. Amen. “

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