Archangel Uriel Message!

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What does Archangel Uriel want to tell you?

Check out this short and yet pertinent angel message of love channeled with Archangel Uriel

Chakra Meditation with Archangel Uriel

Opening to a New Phase of Light

Entering Into A New Level of Divine Love

Energy Body Restoration with Archangel Uriel

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  1. Dino Bussanich

    That was beautiful, I loved it. Thank you Melanie and God bless you! 🙂

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! Brightest blessings your way


    2. Janette Fregoso

      Thank you so much for this. I prayed to the archangels earlier for help and I honestly feel like this was a message from them.

  2. Iris

    Truly inspirational message
    Thak you Urial and thank you Melanie.
    Love light and blessings. 😇💖💖💖

  3. GeekWithMuscles

    Wow thank you so much. I was just talking to my guides yesterday and journaled today about “magical childhood memories” and how I missed them. I posted a Facebook message today about some. This was complete validation for me as I’ve been a little angry at spirit the last couple of days. My channeling work has led to me some pretty amazing insights but I’ve become frustrated at the lack of response in the physical world. Thank you for sharing this message of “hang in there, the best is yet to come” that I’ve received so many times, but choose to ignore. It’s always nice to hear it from someone else, especially when a notification on your phone says “message from Uriel” which was this video. Perfect timing as always. Blessed be.

  4. Vilmary Lopez

    Thanks melanie and AA uriel i realy needed that love and confort…I have been feeling depresed this past few days.

  5. Jelly Belly

    Thank you! You lifted me up. I really needed this. Been feeling down lately.

  6. Jeanne Frost

    Thank you Melanie for this beautiful message from AA Uriel. This was perfect timing for me as I wrap up writing my memoir, getting ready to publish it. It confirmed something for me about letting go of past experiences, even though they may be good ones. Make room for the present blessings and experiences. Namaste

  7. Crystal Myahto

    This is beautiful. Thanks Melanie 😇 🤗❤️

  8. Carla the Destructor

    That was beautiful!

  9. Priceless Zion111


  10. Marie MacLeod

    THANK YOU! I really needed to hear this today…your work is so important and so timely. Be well, Be healed, Be love.

  11. Messengers from the 6th Dimension

    Wonderful meditation Melanie!!!! Hugs and love!!! =)

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! Love and blessings~ ✨💖😇

  12. Gizem Özgüvenç

    Thank you, with love and light

  13. Peculiar Girl

    Beautiful ❤️

  14. AGentleEarthPreservation

    Beautiful confirmation for me this evening! Thank you Melanie& Uriel

  15. Classy Chic

    This was amazing, thank you ❤⭐

  16. Michael G

    Beautiful! Thank you both.

  17. flower of life z

    daily angel medition challange is sooóoo cool!🌈

  18. flower of life z

    short vut sooo good! inlakesh🌻🌻

  19. yvonne Fearn

    Thank you Melanie great 👍 yes Blessings Love 💕 Light just tell you the energy as been so strong just now Thank you Again Love Light

  20. Pathway 2Newjurnes

    Thank you😇❤️

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