Aziraphale: The Angel of the Flaming Sword

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If you have not seen it yet, Good Omens is a funny and entertaining way to understand the world of angels. Aziraphale, one of the main characters in the series, represents the side of the good guys. With his nervous personality, exuberant tastes, and passion for human beings this blond angel, gives us a walk through the history of heaven and hell with his best friend: a demon.

Aziraphale and Crowley; More Than a Bromance?

While watching Good Omens, it’s impossible not to wonder if there is more than a friendship between these strange allies. Crowley and Aziraphale show genuine concern for one another, as well as a tremendous willingness to provide support when they need it.  While Aziraphale always seems to feel guilty about the relationship he has with Crowley, the seductive demon looks calmer with his situation.

But of course, Crowley already knows what happens when you turn your back on God… so why would he hesitate to turn his back on his new “boss”?  We imagine that this is also one of the doubts that stop Aziraphale from allowing himself to be happy with Crowley. The attraction between the two, and the tension, can be cut with a knife.  And it is a delight to see each other tempt and play pretend that nothing’s up when everything is up.

That is one of the many dramatic and plot layers that take place in Good Omens.  But how can a TV series help me understand the world of angels and angelic numerology?  Well, in more than one way.

The Many Tales of Good Omens:

In the same way that numerous prophecies of the apocalypse are described and shown, Good Omens reinterprets the passages and metaphors of the Bible to create this Biblical universe of epic proportions. The archangel Metatron, typically neglected in pop culture, makes his appearance as a prelude to direct communication with God.  In fact, Metatron points out: talking to me is talking to God.

On the other hand, Crowley, whose name alludes to the act of crawling like a snake, is a very intelligent resource of the director and screenwriters of the series.  In Genesis, it is not specified that it is Satan who gave Eve the apple, only a snake is mentioned. Later in several biblical passages, we can see that snakes are also a way to refer to Satan. 

However, that “void” is used to create a new Demon that follows the commands of the fallen angel and achieves the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise.

And that’s where Aziraphale comes in:

Somewhat naive and with a very good heart, Aziraphale gives his most precious possession to the banished couple: a flaming sword with which he guarded one of the entrances to paradise.  His intention was to help them protect themselves in the open from the monsters and enemies that abounded on the outskirts of the heavenly nest in which they had lived so far.

It is then that, for the beginning of human history, Aziraphale and Crowley begin a relationship of complicity and fraternity around human beings, their favorite thing of creation.  Just as Aziraphale loves books, crepes, and sushi, so angels are with our spiritual plane. Do you want to continue learning about them? We have created a collection of articles for you to know every detail about the world of angels! Are you ready? Come with us!

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