Tuning Into Galactic Guidance – Bonus Oracle Card Reading with the Magical Dimensions Oracle

You are currently viewing Tuning Into Galactic Guidance – Bonus Oracle Card Reading with the Magical Dimensions Oracle

Bonus Oracle Card Reading from the Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards…

Insight into Receiving Galactic Guidance and connecting with your star family and Galactic guidance.

This is an excerpt from what was originally live streamed for members of the Angel Solution group on facebook.

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  1. Eureka Sandy

    namaste beloved sister Kansha xx

  2. Heather Houston


  3. Awakening Seeds

    Ashtar and Athena… Galactic father… Love it! Thank you…

  4. Jes Joy

    So beautiful card to end the message: forgiveness. Thank you. Love and joy to you. 💕

  5. Nelia Barraza

    Love it beautiful thank you so much,love and light to you

  6. Sangotra Jassi

    Plz prayer for my daughter good study

  7. All Weather Tarot and Books

    Thank you! Your YouTube channel always gives me a sense of peace. Love and light to you.

  8. Not So Fancy Nancy

    You have been an integral part of my development, I am so grateful to you , and I especially love this video and I thank you thank you thank you for what you do !!!❤️🙏😊🌟

  9. Ivana

    Thank you!It’s freat that galactic families are here to help us.I will call them when I will be meditating next time.

  10. Paige Lee

    I’ve been told I’m a star seed

    1. Carly B

      +Paige Lee did you have any thoughts before you were told that you were a star seed? I don’t know if I am as some of the things described I fit and others I don’t.

    2. Paige Lee

      Yes have been told that a lot I feel it fits but it’s interesting since I’m awakening to my gifts but not sure where it fits in thank you 😊

    3. Carly B

      Have you ever met another being? Do you know who you were before this human life? sorry for all the questions, just find it fascinating and incredible! Your very lucky 🙂

  11. Paige Lee

    Interesting reading thank you 😊

  12. Corey OnTV

    Perfect timing. The Angels 👼🏼 have been pushing me to uncover the mysteries of the universe, esoteric astrology and other mystery teachings ect. and to discover who I really am. In fact, Archangel Raziel has step forward and this week was the first I’ve heard of this Angel. I listened to your Raziel channeling (thanks for always having my next step available to listen to).

  13. risingsun49

    Are you channeling this message is there another soul inside you talking thru you? Or is this you.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      +risingsun49 I am channeling my angels and higher self

  14. Geoffrey Carlson

    ” all is as the force wills it “

  15. Awakening Seeds

    Lightstar is such a sweet sweet Woman as are you… Thank you…

  16. Corey OnTV

    I’m ordering these too. There called Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators?? on Amazon?

  17. Ploypailin Phucharoen

    Thank you beautiful 💗

  18. Rhonda Sojourn

    what a great suggestion, to refer to the super loving super beings, to call them ‘ the galactic angels’. people may be more open to that title. Thank you so much for your presentation of love and light wisdom. ‘Team’, is a better word choice, than ‘them’. behind my heart, will be a new place to visit. I love your vocabulary.

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