Chakra Stones – The Hidden DANGER You Need to Know About!

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You are currently viewing Chakra Stones – The Hidden DANGER You Need to Know About!

Chakra Stones can be a powerful way to tap into healing energy to balance and open the energy flow through your chakras…

But there is a hidden DANGER with many of the chakra stones, chakra bracelets, pendants, and jewelry on the market today!

Hey, Melanie Beckler here. In this video, I was inspired to talk about the danger of Chakra stones. Now, this may sound a little bit click Baity, but I really feel like this is important to share because I have been noticing recently an increase and there’s, there’s always been this, but it’s coming to my awareness more than usual. Talker bracelets, Chakra stone kits, Chalker jewelry that is primarily made of stones that are either fake heat-treated or a radiated or died. And all of these things not only lead a stone to not being beneficial for you, but they can actually cause that stone to emit detrimental energy. So the desire to where chocolate jewelry comes from a place of wanting to tune in to the vibrational power of crystals, crystals that are incredible allies for us in our life, on our healing journey, and on our spiritual path.

But the way that crystals are being heat-treated, irradiated and dyed and misused, literally abused, causes their energy to radiate in a detrimental way. So this is a public service announcement about crystals that danger, especially if you are buying Chalker stones. It’s important to become aware, to ask the seller, have these been heat-treated, irradiated or dyed? And if the person you’re buying from is not able to give you a clear and intelligent response about them not being heat-treated or radiated or dyed, they probably don’t know. And when it comes to Chakra stones, I am sad to say you really need to know, and I’ll put a few pictures up here. So in this piece of jewelry, the root Chakra stone, the red looks very fake to me. The orange has probably died. The yellow is probably heat treated. Amethyst, citrine is the stone you really need to be careful with because most of the citrine sold on the market is not naturally occurring.

It is a result of amethyst being heated, baked to a very high temperature in order to change its color. Now, situated in the earth is formed by incredible amounts of heat, but this is created through an alchemical process that’s so natural and beautiful, and when it is artificially triggered by humans with a low level of awareness, it causes the stone to emit detrimental energy. It is legal for sellers to call. He treated Amethyst, citrine. So this is an important one to be aware of. So with Chalker stones, with crystals in general, are your stones natural, raw, as the earth intended them to be created, or have they been artificially dyed or irradiated, which means exposed to radiation Blue Topaz is a crystal to be very careful, careful with most all of the Blue Topaz on the market today is irradiated, meaning exposed to toxic radiation in order to change its color from yellowish orange to blue.

Now, once the stone has been irradiated, it still is vibrating with that energy of radiation. So it can have detrimental qualities to your health, but really more to your subtle energy body by introducing that artificial irradiation. So be careful with blue Topaz and when it comes to Chalker stones, do your research. And if you do want stones for your talkers that you’re going to place over the centers, meditate with them or wear jewelry. Make sure that you are buying quality stones that have been ethically treated in order to not only respect the stones but retain the powerful healing energies. One other thing I want to mention about Chakra stones is that it is commonly presented when it comes to stones for the Chakras. That red stones are wonderful for the root Chakra. Orange stones are great for your sacred Chakra, yellow stones for solar plexus, green stones for heart, and so on and so forth…

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  1. Robin Johnston

    Hi, my name is Robin for years now i have been having these buzzing vibrations in my hands and feet. It even got really bad one evening when i got upset and was doing dishes that a glass exsploded in my hands. I was wondering if you know what it is. I also have been seeing numbers ever since my brother past away in 2008. I also hear my name alot when i quite my mind. I am very spiritual and believe in natural healing. I always feel things or just know them but don’t know why i do. But i know it right. What does all this mean for me?
    Thank You
    Robin Johnston

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