Is it better to pray to an Archangel or an Angel?

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Praying is the most often practiced option we turn to when we are in dire straits.  But is it better to pray to an angel or to an Archangel? Some might argue that Archangels are by far more powerful beings, while others ascertain that your guardian angel is much closer to you and knows what’s best…  So, what’s the right answer? Here, you’ll find everything you need to know. 

Archangel or Angel, which is more powerful?

It’s well known that we all have a guardian angel.  But a guardian Archangel? We’ve never heard of it. Why is that?  Well, it may be because an angel’s mission is to help spread God’s good word; they are literally the winged messengers of Heaven! Archangels, on the other hand, are tasked with organizing, training, and directing angels to complete the mission of spreading God’s word.

Thus, just as angels are in contact with human’s day-to-day, Archangels are similarly in contact with it… but in a more indirect way. Let’s put it this way: while an angel can communicate with you through angelic numerology, an Archangel is working in sync with various angels simultaneously to make sure everything goes according to God’s divine plan.

Remember: nothing that the angels or Archangels do can collide with God’s plan. It can’t collide with your free will either, for that is God’s gift to mankind.  That delicate balance is maintained by a committee of angels and spiritual entities that work tirelessly to bring hope to the world. 

So… It’s useless to pray to an Archangel?

Well, no.  Angels and Archangels are kind, giving, and powerful messengers.  Nevertheless, both the church and scholars of evangelical energies agree that we should focus our energies on petitioning God for our needs to be met.  Be grateful that divine providence, much like calling out when we’re in need, is something that will always be responded, as long as we do it from the heart.

The most important aspects are the intention, concentration, and motivation.  Thus, when you wish to communicate with angels, archangels, or cherubs, what you must do is:

  1. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on the air as it exits through your nose when you exhale. Notice the change in the air’s temperature.
  2. Picture the problem that is bothering you.
  3. Concentrate on the situation that you haven’t found a solution to, and begin to invoke the spiritual energy of the entity of your choice. 
  4. Picture yourself sitting with them, walking through a gorgeous path laden with trees, flowers, waterfalls… Choose whatever landscape brings you peace. Focus on each step you take.
  5. As you dedicate more time and energy to forming this scene, you’ll see how you start a discussion between that energy that emanates from you with the energy you receive from your surroundings.
  6. You’ll begin to notice changes inside of you and around you.  Wind currents that you hadn’t noticed before, an inexplicable sense of calm, tears, laughter…  It’s different for everyone.

Have you found it?  Good! So, what are you waiting for?  Create your own space, filled with harmony and beauty, so that you may communicate with the angels, the archangels, and all the loving energy that God’s universe has to offer.

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