What is an Archangel?

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Maybe you didn’t know this, but God also conceived different types of angels.  Archangels have a higher rank among the heavenly cohorts and have been responsible for incredible accomplishments.  In the Bible, they appear as messengers of God, brave soldiers, and miracle workers. Do you want to know more about them?  Read on to discover their immense power.

Let’s start with some references:

As leaders of the angelic hosts, archangels appear commanding other beings of light in the fight against the demonic hordes during the apocalypse.  Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Raphael are possibly the most well-known Archangels. According to the sacred scriptures, they’ve played an important role in angelic history.  Thus, Archangels are a superior type of angel, per se. But what does that mean?

Archangels: All about them

It is believed that every archangel has a specific mission.  That being said, they also have a common goal: training guardian Angels.  As we all know guardian angels have the purpose of getting involved, to a certain degree, in human affairs.  These limits and boundaries are defined by the divine law of free will. Only when they need to intervene will they do so.

Of course, asking angels for advice, support, and serenity to make decisions is something you can do daily.  In fact, Angel Numerology is there for exactly that reason. But are Archangels also related to numerology? Well, like angels, and like us, they are energy.  Every vibration thought, and intention we manifest can completely change our outcomes.

Archangels: who are they and what is their function?

It is believed that there are several Archangels.  However, the Catholic Church only recognizes the existence of the three that are included in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.  On the other hand, Judaism recognizes seven of them. In the book of Enoch, there are 4 more: Uriel, Raguel, Saraqael, and Remiel.

It is understood that the Archangels follow God’s orders in any of His manifestations: Father, Son or Holy Spirit.  So, the adoration of angels has been controversial in certain cases. Should we ask them to perform miracles that work against the divine will?  Or, instead, should we ask them to intercede before God to help us? Why not pray to God? That’s an excellent question.

In fact, the Catholic Church has somewhat banned the veneration of angels and “channeled” those requests in a more “direct” manner towards God.

Can an Archangel help me or not?

Of course, they can!  These ethereal beings, beautiful and perfectly created to protect God’s creations, have the mission of protecting us.  Just as ecosystems work perfectly and become unbalanced in the presence of alterations, as little as these might be, some circumstances can change our tune.  Losing faith, committing sins, and suffering from illnesses can make your life lose balance.

So, each group of angels follows an archangel in a very important mission.  They make sure that anyone who needs a word of encouragement, a revelation, or a change of route, gets in an inexplicable, or unexpected way, that extra pair of wings that can raise their spirit.

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