Is Waking Up Between 3-5 AM A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening?

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Do You Often Wake Up Between 3-5 AM? This Can Be A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening! But It Can Also Be Something Else…

Find out what it means for you now!

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Hey earth angels, Melanie Beckler here. And in this video, we’re going to look at what it means when you keep waking up between three and 5:00 AM without planning on it. So this can be a sign of spiritual awakening, but it can also be something else. And so we’re going to look at what it means to wake up between three and 5:00 AM from three different perspectives so you can identify for yourself what it means for you. So before we dive in, I do just want to say that this time period between three and 5:00 AM coincides with what is known as the witching hour. So this is a time in which the veil is thin and accessing the higher realms of spirit becomes easier. It’s a time of internalized consciousness when most people in your local area are still sleeping. And so it can facilitate further awakening, clear communication, and receiving clear guidance from spirit and even opening your third eye.

So more on that in a second, but first, let’s dive into the first layer of meaning about what waking up between three and 5:00 AM means. Because it’s not always a sign of spiritual awakening. And while I personally am not a Chinese medicine expert or practitioner, I know just enough about Chinese medicine to understand that different periods of the day are associated with different organs and systems of the body. So from a Chinese medicine perspective, waking up between one and 3:00 AM can be a sign of liver chi stagnation. So the energy of your liver could be stagnant in some way. So if this is you, if you’re waking up between one and 3:00 AM, it would be good to ask yourself, have you been experiencing signs of liver energy stagnation, like irritability and anger? Were you drinking alcohol before you went to sleep? Or are there other factors that you’re aware of that can validate this Chinese medicine perspective that your liver may be crying out for some help between one and 3:00 AM in the morning now from three to 5:00 AM in Chinese medicine, this time period is associated with the lung.

So waking up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM without planning on it, without an alarm clock. Of course, this can be a sign of a lung imbalance that your body, your lungs are literally reaching out for help for your awareness. So if you’re waking up between three and 5:00 AM, it’s a good thing to ask yourself, have you been experiencing sadness or grief, which are correlated with the lung and may be contributing to that imbalance of lung energy? And if the answer is yes to either of those for liver or for lung, it would be a good idea to do a little more digging and research about how to clear those emotions. That can be the cause and trigger of an imbalance and blockage in your physical body. But then also to step up the self-love and care for your physical body, for your lungs, for your liver.

So that’s the first perspective. And in that area, it’s not exactly a sign of spiritual awakening, but it is a sign that your body is reaching out, reminding you to do the emotional clearing work. Because when your emotions are clear and centered, higher light is able to flow through you and you’re also able to access clear divine wisdom and guidance within because your emotional state is balanced. Now onto the second layer of meaning about what it means when you’re waking up between three and 5:00 AM from a spiritual awakening perspective. So I mentioned before that this coincides with the witching hour, which is sometimes seen as being from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM it’s sometimes seen from being 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM…

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  1. donald breaux

    Love your Lapis necklace beautiful! Thank you for Your informative video.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Thank you so much! 💙✨

  2. Just smile!

    This is a problem I had for a while now and it comes and goes but lately it just continuously every night I don’t seem to get rest also my migraines are back and only on full moons it’s just too much sometimes my times are usually 3:45

    After your video I realize it’s not a problem but perhaps I need to really ask and take that time to meditate thank you

  3. Deep Filip

    Thank you so much Angel, I have been waking up between those hours for a year now, whereas I used to sleep rock solid throughout the night. Will pay attention to this and work on my music or writing projects as opposed to trying to go back to sleep again. You are amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, love you and sending you a humongous hug ❤👽❤

  4. WoodandHook Shop

    I often hear someone talking to me then I wake up at 4:44 am.🙉

    1. Tayler Renee

      WoodandHook Shop That would be angels. 4:44 is a big angel number!

  5. Piyush Pathak

    Many times I was wake up at 3:33 and 4:44

  6. MJ Bates

    I have done this for years, I finally realized this was a time when the less desirable would come a knocking. As soon as they showed up , no matter what their resonance, as I am so sensitive it was starting to bug me. I finally ended up placing protection in my home with the intention of being protected by angels in my home. It has worked , sometimes it would get so bad lights would turn on and my doors to the outside would unlock. One morning at 3:15.
    I was so frustrated waking up having to lock my doors, worried someone would get into my house.While locking up I heard these words ” If we want to get in you can’t lock us out”
    Unnerved, I spent the next day clearing, closing open portals in my home, and asking the divine for protection. It worked. When I remember to ask for protection before I fall asleep I am protected. Sorry for such a long response, I felt it may help someone ♡♡ thankyou for your video, the time, and the much effort you put into making this. You are loved and appreciated ♡♡ God bless♡♡

    1. Sara B

      MJ Bates amen for using your strength to guide you!! Black tourmaline in every window works great!! Keep you Qui high in your home high so your clarity continues to flow…
      Blessings to you

    2. Life With Expression

      How do you know if there are portals in your home??

    3. Sherry Lock


    4. MJ Bates

      @Life With Expression I see or feel an opening like an open void in energy…

    5. MJ Bates

      @Sara B thankyou ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Sandra Worm

    I’m always waking up during these times- many times with repeating numbers, 222, 333, 444. For a while, it was 444 every time. I’d look up my angel numbers for those trying to find the message. Thank you! I most definitely need direction for my soul purpose and finances. These areas have been such a struggle for so many years! I have degrees and licenses and still live at home with my parents! I can’t seem to find my position in the world no matter what I do and no psychic seems to be able to lead me to the answer. This is the 3rd year I’ve been focusing on my spirituality so that I can find my way and I have moved forward some, but I’m still living with my parents (who are HIGHLY religious and are not excepting of any of this). I’m aware of how blessed I am to be allowed to live with them, still have them in my life and I love them so much! I just am exhausted from dealing with finances- a pre-existing health condition from my childhood eats up a lot of my funds and I just can’t seem to catch a break! I will attempt to stay awake and focus on this!

    1. Rose Ladd


  8. Erika K

    A beautiful opportunity to connect with your core, your spirit, to see with more clarity and receive guidance from your higher-self ♡

  9. Monique Gray

    I wake up everyday between these hours.

    I’ve started writing poetry at these times it seems to flow through me! I love it! I feel compelled to write.

    I’ve also had profound healing come through. Brought me to tears.

    However it kinda scared me the other day bc during these hours something kept knocking my cell phone off my nightstand (twice in a hlf hr.) I didn’t know what to think of it so I asked aloud what do you want. I also prayed for protection. It kinda had me on edge bc I didn’t know what it was for. Idk how to differentiate between dark and light energies.

  10. Pj2457

    Your lapis is stunning. So vibrant, and luminous. Very much like you, and all that you enlighten us with. Thank you, happy Saturday!

  11. Merry Moran

    And I just want to say, dear Melanie, thank you so much for helping me during bereavement. You are an Earth Angel💕💟🌷

  12. Justin Miccoli

    Thank you very accurate as usual 💜 I am very close to Chinese medicine and translating the medicinal side into the spiritual side is very useful and significant 🙏👍🌺

  13. Phoenix

    Every single day I’m awake from 1-5 its been like this for years now I would really love if you could please give someone more insight into these hours and I sometimes hear talking sometimes very clear and other times seems like muffled and hard to understand thank you so much Melanie for this video sending you love and light and devine blessings God bless hugs from Canada 😘🤗💖🇨🇦

  14. Journey of Love and Light

    I woke up at 2:22a last night… I usually wake before 5am.. the last two nights… A knock that sounds like my door has wakened me.. there is no one there… I’m going to start to meditate now when I wake…The Universe is knocking…Thank you for your light on this subject..

  15. peta williams

    Just one thing.It is a time that melatonin rises and people with depression will feel this and makes them wake up.This is from Doctors

  16. Terence 'Tree' Lowery

    Your enthusiasm and direct eye contact is always so very inspirational!! Being an Elder male, I have physical reasons for getting up through the night. However, the 3 to 5 thing had me wondering WHY these particular hours? It was quite frustrating until I reached out to understand the more spiritual/Angelic aspects of this time period.
    You, Melanie have become a prominent guide in my Ascension. Mahalo a Nui Loa!!(Thank You Very Much!!) from Maui

  17. Claudette Baldwin

    I am waking up about 4:15 am. I’ve been doing this since September 27, 2019, the one year anniversary of my husband’s passing. I really miss him

    1. Debra Sawyer

      My heart aches for you. I lost my husband June 2017. Sending you Love, Light and Blessings 🦋

    2. Claudette Baldwin

      @Debra Sawyer I’m hoping to open myself up even more So we can communicate. 🌈

    3. Debra Sawyer

      @Claudette Baldwin
      Take your time . When you are ready he will contact you and guide you. My husband did me and I fully believe he chose the wonderful man that I have in my life now. Wishing you Love ,Light,Happiness and Many Blessings 🕊🦋

  18. S Lou

    My mother always woke up at this time to pray. It was so cleansing and enlightening for her, but always made us late for school because she needed to sleep in ahaha.

  19. Robin Jenkins

    Melanie, if I wake up at those hours, it’s because I have to run to the bathroom. LOL

  20. Carlos Magno

    Trust in the love of God.

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