Seeing Your BIRTHDAY as a Repeating Angel Number – Birthday Numerology

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Seeing the numbers of your Birthday carry a special message and meaning from the angels that is unique to you!

Seeing your birthdate beings the guidance to focus on your authentic soul purpose and life’s mission.

You were born on Earth at the exact right time, and the exact right place on the planet, to the right parents, the right challenges, and the right personality traits, to be 100% uniquely you.

The angels are reminding you not to try to fit in, compare, or judge yourself against anyone else. You are beautifully unique, and by showing you your birthdate your angels are usually either prompting you to take actions in alignment with who you really are, or to act as a sort of validation that you are loved, and your unique gifts, light and life purpose are needed!

Live in alignment with the truth of who you really are!

Read the transcription of this video:

In this video, we’re going to look at the meaning of seeing your birthday. So any time you keep seeing a certain sequence of numbers, it could be one, two, three, three, three, three, four, four, four, seven, eight, three or the digits of your birthday.

It can carry a deeper meaning and significance. And angels will indeed often use these number sequences to deliver a message because numbers are the mathematical language of the universe and carry a deep level of meaning.

Higher spiritual beings are able to use numbers to get through to you to catch your attention. And then with awareness, you can dive in, tune in to what does seeing that number sequence mean above and beyond. Oh, that’s a cool coincidence.

And above and beyond recognizing that it’s a sign that you have guides and angels with you. So in this video, we’re specifically looking at seeing the numbers of your birthday.

This could be seeing the month and day or seeing the year you were born. But essentially when you see numbers and you realize, Whoa, that’s my birthday, this is what I’m talking about.

So when that happens, when you realize you’re seeing your birthday, the underlying message, significance, and meaning from the angels is that you are valued. It’s a reminder of the unique divine light expressed through you through your individuality.

Because your exact moment of birth is by no accident. It is by divine design. It is a part of the code of who you are. And when you look into the numbers of your birthday, there is an incredible amount of information about your personality, about your soul destiny, about your dreams, even about your challenges, struggles, and obstacles you may encounter on your path.

You can learn about that level of what your birthday means through a numerology reading, through understanding your personal birthday numerology.

There’s an incredible amount of information about you stored in the numbers of your birthday. So when you see those numbers, it’s the angels drawing your awareness to your unique strengths and qualities.

So this may come up for you if you’ve been focused on trying to be like someone else trying to model the path of another. The angels may remind you, Hey, you are a unique divine being incarnated in physical form.

You are here for a unique purpose and a unique mission. You are here to shine divine light through you in a way that’s unlike anyone else. So don’t try to follow in the footsteps of another. Don’t try to dim or change your light to be like someone else.

Rather reconnect through clearing your mind and opening your heart and tuning in to your intuition, to who you really are.

The truth of you, when you peel back the layers of conditioning, peel back the masks you’ve worn to try to fit in, but neath the surface of that is the core truth of you and why you’re really here.

Seeing your birthday numbers also reminds you that you have a unique purpose and mission and that it’s time to reconnect with that, to realign with the authenticity and truth of who you really are and let that be expressed through you.

To ask yourself, how can I be of service in the world in a way that I love and enjoy that also benefits others? When you ask yourself, this is a helpful question or prompt, you could journal about it to get clear about your life purpose, about why you’re really here, remembering that ultimately your life purpose unfolds over a lifetime.

It’s not one thing, but there is often a tone or theme which you can uncover by going within through meditation, through paying attention to what you love and enjoy what you’re drawn to, what lights you up…

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    1. Linda july 29

      What can I do when I have 2 names and I’m called with the 2 names

    2. Ross G

      Linda july 29 you answer

    3. Linda july 29

      @Ross G hhh ok thanks

    4. Ross G

      Linda july 29 😘

    5. Linda july 29

      @Ross G 😘

      1. Latese Carlos

        my whole point for being on this site i keep seeing 729 which is my birthday and look

  2. Himani Panwar

    Yes, all the time everywhere even now
    Thankyouuu so muchh greatfull. Sending Blessings your way 🙂💖💖❤️🌸✨😁🥰😁✨🙌🏻🙌🏻😁🥰🙂😘😘🌸🙌🏻✨❤️❤️❤️😆💫💫💎🤩🤩🙂💓😆🙂🤗☺️😀🤓🙏🏻🤗☺️🤓🤓🥳🧁😄😊😃🧁😊🥰☺️🙂🤗🤩🙂💎🥰🙏🏻😁😀🙌🏻😀💓💓😀🤓

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      How perfect! This message is definitely for you ! ✨💜☀️🙏☀️💜✨ Bright blessings back your way

  3. Sandy Matza

    I see my birthday 2-17. and my bus number 922 , all the time. I’m a retired schoolbus driver.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah thats awesome! ✨💜☀️🙏☀️💜✨

  4. Love Life With Laj

    625 in this! I see it a lot ❤️ and yes it IS my birthday 🎂 month 🥰. Thanks Mel 🙏🏾👍🏽😘

    1. JJ Ricks


    2. Ms Penny Isaac

      Wow, that’s my birthday too 😩

    3. MarioEaston

      Omg I’ve been seeing 625 everyday that’s my birthday too! I even have screenshots and pictures

  5. Ronald Kelley

    Thank you Melanie! You are so amazingly PRETTY!! GOD BLESS YOU SISTER!!!🌷🌷😊🌹!!!

  6. Jack Crouch

    Keep seeing 911 all the time ? ?

    1. jasmine parker

      A change is coming. That was my first angel number .

    2. Jung Yunjae

      jasmine parker If it’s okay with you could you share your story? What kind of change happened in your life. I’ve been seeing 911 for quite a while now.

    3. jasmine parker

      Jung Yunjae I started college in September of 2018. After all those months of thinking and talking about it. And every time I seen 911 that thought of school popped in my head so I knew from there what to do. Listen to your inner self when you see 911 wrote down what you were thinking and doing in that moment and connect it. You got this ❤️

    4. Jung Yunjae

      jasmine parker Thank you so much for sharing ♥️

    5. jasmine parker

      Jung Yunjae no problem ❤️.

  7. Rick Aster

    When I see my birthday numbers and 1234 in the same place, I figure it means “You rock!”

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Haha yeah! I’d say that’s an accurate interpretation 😇🦋✨

  8. m eh

    Wow I can’t believe you did a video for this! I thought I’m the only one! (Not really, no one talks about it)😄
    it’s 4:22!
    Love and light! 🙏🏻❤

    1. vicky diaz

      m eh mine as well!!! I always see these numbers

    2. Nothingmuchh

      421 UwU

  9. Marni L

    I love that you did this video! My birthday #’s have been popping up continuously for 1yr now.(712). I have been very curious about this for quite sometime. I love what you said it meant. One day I was asking what is this telling me? I got a download that it was my higher self drawing my attention to me, myself & I. Like your video said is to pay attention to yourself, you are important and valued. Melanie, I appreciate all your knowledge and heart felt messages you put out there for us to find and grow from. Hugs🤗

  10. Vicky

    The Universe works on beautiful ways 🙏🙏.I am so greatful for this video thank you Melanie during meditation I saw my birthday numbers and I was thinking what does that mean and today this video popped up.🙏🙏❤❤❤✨✨🌺💐

  11. Quiteria M

    Omg!!! This video is seriously such a blessing because I was trying to look this up recently,
    Thank you,

  12. Aimee Osmulski

    I’ve seen these numbers for years now: the clock, change when paying for something, trip odometer…

    1. desi -ray

      Aimee Osmulski That’s my birthday 🎂!

  13. M V

    Love the vibe of Melanie. Besides… she’s really pretty 😍😍

  14. Nina Taralon

    I’m seeing my birthday almost every day

  15. miralene naylor

    I always noticed my bday in the clock twice a day almost daily.

  16. uniquia robinson

    The length of this video is my birthday 8:15. 🤯♥️

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Ah that’s an awesome synchronicity!!!

    2. Chris C.

      Crazy, but mine as well😊

    3. nemesisgenius

      8-15 is my Mother’s birthday. Mine is 4 months earlier.

    4. desi -ray

      Almost mine 8:14. 😂

    5. sabria jetter

      Me too !

  17. GoGo

    I keep on seeing my birthday August 10 everywhere! I even know a youtuber with the exact same birthday as mine :O

    1. Elizabeth Girinde

      My late younger brother’s birthday is also 10th of August

  18. Lotus Empress Emerges

    I always see my birthday 12:22 or even 2:22. I know what it means for me and it has been very comforting when I see number sequences. My phone is full of screen shots lol!!!

    1. Elizabeth Girinde

      Omg, so I’m not the only one who save screen shots of repetitive numbers

  19. Brie Nizhaye

    I see 12:14 almost every night it’s weird I just randomly look up at my phone for the time and I see my birthday almost everytime

    1. Michael Barron

      Same for me!

  20. Laura Wolf

    I see my birthday several times a day, no matter if it is in the car, on the computer checking a page speed, or paying for something. My best friend got his runner number this week that was my birthday, even though he was born on the day after. I am keen on finding out what the Universe is trying to tell me.

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